Calcium carbonate filler is the most popular used for PP plastics

Calcium carbonate filler provides not only a decrease in the material cost but also modifies some physical properties. It is used as an additive in plastic and helps reduce surface resistance, opacity, and surface gloss. Polypropylene for Plastics Polypropylene is a homogeneous material with similar corrosion resistance and does not require any additional treatment from […]

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Additives in Building Industry (5 minutes to Read)

Generally, the packaging is the biggest market for plastics and additives, followed by the building and construction market.  In the previous post, we already discussed several points of the packaging market. And today, we’re gonna talk about plastics and additives in the building and construction industry. Overview of construction and building industry Construction applications mainly […]

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Additives in Packaging Industry (5 minutes to Read)

The packaging is the biggest market for additives. The output of plastic packaging depends strongly on the population, people’s average income, and expenditure. We need plastic packaging mostly for the food and beverage industry. Therefore, the increase in the population and the average income will have a positive effect on the demands of plastic packaging […]

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Processing Aids: What you need to know

The main and nearly most important competitive advantage in doing business is low price. How do you achieve that advantage?  By optimising your material cost and operating cost, right? The plastic industry now is highly competitive with ever-increasing cost reduction among manufacturers.  That’s why process aids are being called cost reducers or cost savers. Process […]

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