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5 reasons why EuP filler masterbatch manufacturer is on top 5 worlwide

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“What is the best filler masterbatch manufacturer?” is always a tough question that a lot of plastic-based producers are trying to find the right answer. European Plastic Company (EuP) will be a potential candidate if you have the demands in plastic masterbatch and additives manufacturing. With over a decade of establishing and developing, EuP is honored to be in top 5 biggest filler masterbatch manufacturer worldwide and we surely can provide any kind of plastics additives meeting your requirements.

The success of EuP filler masterbatch manufacturer came from high quality resources

The nature of Vietnam seems to have a bias on Vietnamese filler masterbatch manufacturer. Why did we say so? Indeed, the limestone resource in Vietnam is extremely promising with abundant reverses and high quality that was accredited by French geologists from over 100 years ago. Limestone is known to be the main mineral supplying calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which is the irreplaceable ingredient in manufacturing plastic masterbatch. Based on the information collected from 125 limestone mineral deposits that have been researched and explored, the reverse is estimated up to 13 billion tons while the total resource amount is forecasted to expand up to 120 billion tons.

Being favored by Mother Nature and being licensed in exploiting these potential resources have become the huge advantages contributed the success of EuP in the journey to be in top 5 largest filler masterbatch manufacturer in the world. With this material resource, we are confident in producing and delivering best qualified masterbatch with the most competitive price to every Customers in the world.

Do top 5 filler masterbatch manufacturer’s machinery systems differ than others?

Another factor that has greatly contributed in bringing EuP to top position among filler masterbatch manufacturer is the well-invested infrastructure system. EuP currently owns 3 large-scale factories located in the Northern and Northern-Central regions of Vietnam. These factories are built on a large area and equipped with modern machinery imported from Germany. Thanks to the knowledge of the world’s most advanced technologies on filler masterbatch production, the productivity of these factories can reach up to 350,000 tons per year. 60% of these products are shipped to more than 70 countries and consumed by various plastic-based products manufacturers around the world.

masterbatch manufacturer factory

Human resource is the vital factor of a filler masterbatch manufacturer

A company, especially filler masterbatch manufacturer, whether being benefited with a huge budget or superior facilities that meet international standards but without professional and highly qualified employees, will never be able to grow and continue developing. Understanding the importance of human factors in the survival and success of a company, the leader broad of EuP focuses on finding and building the strongest human resource. EuP is pleased by the chance to cooperate with more than 400 staffs, including the head masterbatch experts in both Vietnam and in the world, each of our products is always made with a national standard process. From the researches on user needs and studying the special requirements to establish the proper proportion of each component so that finished plastic masterbatch products will be generated with the lowest price but their quality is still guaranteed.

Top 5 filler masterbatch manufacturer globally with prestigious reputation

At EuP, quality of product is not the only value that we are pursuing. Along with the mission in satisfying the increasing demand on plastic masterbatch industry, we always want every customer coming to the brand name EuroPlas to experience the best and most professional services. Therefore, EuP’s staff has been trained very carefully and professionally. Our staffs are all well prepared to give the suitable advice for each customer, helping you choose the most effective and economical solutions.

With over a decade of establishing and developing, the relentless effort nowadays of the whole EuP team has been rewarded with the position in top 5 most prestigious and powerful filler masterbatch manufacturer in the world. This is not only a ranking issue but also a reputation of a collective, the trust of customers worldwide for EuP. Not only that, with the advantage of being the top 5 of the world, EuP also carries the responsibility of being the leader in bringing high quality masterbatch and plastic additives manufactured in Vietnam to the world, thereby we can introduce the reputation and quality of products made by Vietnamese people to the rest of the world.

Experiences of the top 5 filler masterbatch manufacturer in developing wide range of plastic additives

Coming to EuP, you will have the opportunity to experience and examine a wide variety of masterbatches. Since the beginning of top 5 worldwide filler masterbatch manufacturer, filler masterbatch has been our main strategic product. Understanding the demand of the vast majority of plastic-based producers to use filler masterbatch in their production with the purpose of cut material costs is extremely huge, EuP has developed a category of masterbatch filler with different types produced by various base plastics and filler compounds in order to satisfy the maximum demand in the current market.

hạt nhựa màu color masterbatch

Color masterbatch produced by masterbatch manufacturer EuP

In addition to filler plastic masterbatch, which is a product that provides cost-effective solution for most of manufacturers, EuP also develops other product lines that reinforce and improve the quality of output products. Particularly, in terms of the appearance of final product we have color masterbatch product, meanwhile to cover the features side we have additive masterbatch. When customers use color masterbatch in their productions, the finished products will have vivid and vibrant colors, meeting the aesthetic needs of final consumers. On the other hand, additive masterbatch will act as a catalyst that significantly increases the inherent properties of the base plastics, especially mechanical and physical properties.

Filler masterbatch manufacturer also provides advanced masterbatch & plastic products

In addition to the above product generated by top 5 filler masterbatch manufacturer of the world, at EuP, we have been working on researching to develop advanced plastic materials with countless special effects. The first example is the technical resin compound. This is a high-tech material manufactured with all components from base resin, filler, colorant for plastic and additives following the formula that has been specially researched. This product is suitable to be a material for any plastic product that requires high performance that the manufacturers will no longer have to use any other additives or materials.

The second special product that we want to introduce to our customers is Wood Plastic Compound – WPC. This material is synthesized from primary plastics, fillers, additives and wood pulp. Therefore, they have the full set of characteristics from both plastic and wood. Our last special product is a biodegradable filler masterbatch called as BiOMates. The invention of this type of material promises to be an effective solution solving both problems on plastic demands and environmental protection.



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