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5 types of masterbatch & plastic compound will be showcased by EuP at ChinaPlas 2019

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Masterbatch, with a wide variety of types and colors, is the main commodity of European Plastics – EuP during the past few years. We always take the advantages of every opportunity to bring EuroPlas plastic masterbatch to consumers as well as plastic manufacturers worldwide.

ChinaPlas 2019 Trade Fair – Annual exhibition of plastic masterbatch for EuP

Following the success of participating ChinaPlas in the past years, this year EuroPlas is very proud to be part of this annual activity. This year, Chinaplas 2019 – the largest plastics and rubber trade fair will be held from May 21 to May 24 in Guangzhou, China. This event promises to be a valuable opportunity for European Plastics Company to link up with old customers, and expand potential partnerships in further regions as well as in the world. With our professional team and experts in the field of plastic masterbatch, we are ready to share with you any required information, give you professional advice and answer all your questions whenever you came the booth to visit and consult.

thư mời triển lãm hạt nhựa masterbatch chinaplas 2019

What do we expect from ChinaPlas trade fair when showing our masterbatch & plastic compound?

ChinaPlas is the largest exhibition and trade fair of plastic and rubber industry in Asia and the second largest in the world. It is also the annual activities of European Plastics Company – EuP, which we are always honored to involve and set expectations. We always consider this as an opportunity to introduce ourselves as well as our products to numerous international customers, especially customers in Asia and China. We hope that by participating in ChinaPlas 2019, our quality products such as filler and color masterbatch, additives, compound, etc. will expand the international markets that are extremely potential, thereby it will help us signing many valuable contracts.

Coming to Chinaplas 2019 Expo, European Plastic Company would like to introduce to our customers 4 product groups: Filler / Black / Color, Compound and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). All are manufactured from high quality raw materials, tempered through modern processing procedures with technical machinery imported from Germany under the strict supervision of the best experts in this plastic engineering industry. The European Plastics Company EuP also especially hopes that through ChinaPlas 2019 Trade Fair, the brand EuroPlas will increasingly reach to the global markets and customers. Through it, we can achieve more opportunities to consolidate and improve the position of top 5 largest plastic masterbatch manufacturers worldwide.

Overview of plastic masterbatch products will be displayed by EuP at Chinaplas 2019

Coming to the top Asia leading exhibition and trade fair of plastics and rubber – ChinaPlas 2019, EuP is honored to introduce to our customers our 5 representative product lines that we possess, including: Filler / Color / Black, Wood Plastic Compound and especially the latest Compound technical plastic products. Please join us to find out the properties of these products!

Plastic Filler Masterbatch meets European standards

Since establishment, filler masterbatch is one of the key products that succeed of the Europlas brand, not only in Vietnam market but also in the international market. Owing to the source of CaCO3 with abundant reserves and quality of international standards, highly appreciated by French geological experts for hundreds of years, European Plastics Company is proud to bring to our beloved customers – manufacturers and processors of plastic products the optimal solutions helping reduce the price of the input materials as much as possible, while maintaining the quality of products.

The colorful world created by EuP’s plastic color masterbatch

Besides potential wood plastic compound plastic products, European Plastics Company also brings to our domestic and abroad customers the latest updates and improvements in our colored plastic products. With the demand for color variety in every plastic product is increasing, the quantity and quality of EuroPlas color masterbatch is still improving and developing day by day.

Coming to EuP, we are confident that we can provide you with a full range of color masterbatches meeting any requirement that our customers have set. In addition to possessing the international color mixing technology for plastic to produce high quality products with vibrant colors, EuP can also add special effects such as emulsion, gloss, purl, etc. to help the product achieve absolute aesthetic.

Black masterbatch – High quality colored plastic beads from Abbey Vietnam

Black masterbatch are manufactured from resin base (which is various in types, depending on the requirements for the products or needs from the customers), carbon powder – components that bring natural black to the product, calcium carbonate fine powders (which helps eliminate a part of input materials leading to the reducing in production costs) and some suitable other additives. This plastic batch is widely used as an auxiliary component or as a main source of materials to produce products and detailed accessories in many other industries.

Some applications of black colorant for plastic can be mentioned as industrial extrusion pipes for industrial and plumbing applications, plastic tape, film blowing, etc. Black masterbatch that we provide are a high quality product from Abbey Vietnam. This is an association between Abbey UK and European Plastics Company. Therefore, our products are certified to achieve world-class quality and will definitely satisfy any requirement that you want.

Plastic Compounding – Improving the quality of finished products with the best materials in the market

Compound is also one of the strategic products of European Plastics Company besides other masterbatch products. Thanks to its specially formulated with certain proportions of every component material, engineering plastic compound is a suitable product for high-tech industries that require special properties of plastics. Manufacturers of products that need to use technical plastic compound can directly use this type of plastic as input materials without mixing any other components or additive compounds.

Wood Plastic Composite – Our new plastic compound under brandname EuroStark

Wood plastic compound (WPC) has components including wood pulp (sawdust, wood chips), filler (with a variety of HPDE, PVC, PP, ABS, etc. plastic as base carrier) and some additives added to increase existing features or to integrate new features for finished products. In addition to promoting the basic characteristics of wood such as owning natural surfaces, easy to handle and decorate, good glaring resistance, wood plastic compound will elevate quality of this material to a new level. Being more advanced in comparison to original plastic masterbatch, WPC is durable, hard to be broken and rotten, non-slip and waterproof. It also qualified for good UV resistance and optimal color retention ability.

Moreover, using wood plastic products to generate products is much easier than using traditional wood. Now, wood plastic products can be modified into any shape and size. This not only increases the usability but also enhances the aesthetics of the final products. In particular, the cost of wood plastic material will be much more affordable than using pure wood. It is just slightly a bit more expensive than using filler masterbatch.

The largest application of wood plastic compounds is to use in outdoor construction works such as wooden floors, fences, ceiling tiles, walls and exterior decoration details. These are places that need products with high durability up to decades that are able to cope with natural weather conditions without requiring regular protection.



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