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Additives: a Silent Hero

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Additives Make Plastics Easier To Process

Common concerns over processing plastics:

  • Short cycle times
  • Better mold release
  • Plate-out and deposits on molds and plastics surfaces
  • Feeding problems
  • Increased dimensional stability, less shrinkage
  • Processing protection against depolymerization and yellowing
  • Better melt flow
  • Improved surface of glass-reinforced parts
  • Better strength of flow lines in molded parts
  • Higher molecular weight
  • Rise of impact strength and elongation at break

However, these problems can be solved by appropriate additives. In fact, processing plastic without additives is generally impossible.

Just look at the wide variety of daily plastic objects from a drink bottle to a computer, it is obvious that there are a lot of ways to form plastics. The majority of processing plastics involves melting polymer powder or granules inside a heated tube. The output quality depends on the chemical and physical plastic material itself. 

However, it can be enhanced by using certain additives called “process aids”. During the molding process, process aids turn into liquid and form around color particles. By doing so, they mix up better. 

Other additives can boost particles that adhere to melt quicker, meaning saving energy and reducing heat damage to the plastics.

Processing plastics at a high temperature can have a negative effect on its colour and strength. Sadly, most plastics are processed at over 180 degrees, which obviously a high temperature. 

ANTIOXIDANT and HEAT STABILISERS additives turn into a hero as they minimize and prevent those consequences. Those additives work like vitamins for your body. They provide strength and make your product “healthy”.

Additives Save Money

You see 2 cleaners look almost the same and have the same attachments, but at different prices. You know that the cheap one misses something. 

Yes. The cheap one does not contain as many functional additives as does another one. So, does it make any remarkable difference?

That cheap cleaner may not contain IMPACT MODIFIER, it gonna crack badly if it hit the furniture or anything rougher and stronger. Or it does not contain FLAME RETARDANTS. You may say it is not a big problem. Maybe, but if it is not a cleaner, it is an electrical spark, the consequence will be much more different.

In the end, the product that costs you more will bring you more benefits and it will be more cost-effective. 

For example, mineral fillers boost the thermal conductivity of plastics; therefore, they cool down and heat up quicker than normal. What does that mean to you? It means shorter mold cycle times and more articles produced at a lower cost. 

0.5p/molding may not sound remarkable. However, if you produce several injection moldings every few seconds, you will be surprised at how much you save after a year.

Additives Make Plastics Safe And Sound

The majority are not aware that most plastics are natural polymers like cotton, wool…They are all based on organic molecules, and quite easy to catch fire. That’s why we have FLAME RETARDANT additives.

Plastic car parts are getting popular today as plastics are light, strong, and easy to design. Bumper and dashboards, for example, not only have to look great but must also dissipate and absorb the force of impacts. To ensure the driver’s safety, an impact modifier is used.

Additives Make Plastics Work Longer

Natural materials expose to sunlight, water, high temperature, and other outside factors. They can not be used year by year without additives. To extend the plastic life cycle and increase effectiveness, producers add additives.

The next time you get out of a car, look at the exterior, interior, and under the car. You will see many plastic components endure hard exposure to outside conditions. And yes, additives are working very hard and silently.

Children’s toy is another example, have to suffer a lot of pressure. They contain LIGHT STABILISATION, UV ABSORBER, and ANTIOXIDANTS to perform constantly. 

Well, if you wanna save your cost and make your plastics great, send us an email at info@europlas.com.vn.  

We will respond to your email immediately. 



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