filler masterbatch and its applications

Classifications of Filler Masterbatch

Traditionally, most fillers were considered as a child category of additives because they affect nothing or even decrease the strength of the polymer. Their main usage purpose is reducing the cost of input materials by replacing expensive polymers. Besides, they probably fasten molding cycles. Other plastic properties could be changed, depending on which type of […]

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EuP got into the Top 200 Vietnamese largest private enterprises (VNR500)

According to VNR500’s 2021 ranking, EuP witnessed a significant increase in both rankings: 199/500 (Vietnamese Largest Private Enterprise Division) and 353/500 (Vietnamese Largest Enterprise Division) 2021 is a relatively challenging year for Vietnamese economy, especially for the plastic industry due to the negative impacts of Covid epidemic. The disruption of global supply chains, the increase […]

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anti-aging additives' application

Anti-aging additives – Effective ways to improve plastic products’ quality

Very often, polymeric materials are prone to several degradative factors during their service lives. Hence, the application of anti-aging additives in plastic products is absolutely essential to increase their effectiveness and longevity. In this article, let’s take a brief look at these substances to see how they can lift your plastic products’ performance. Basically, polymer […]

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Common applications of filler masterbatch in thermoforming

Thanks to its outstanding advantages, filler masterbatch has been widely used in various applications, which include thermoforming. The incorporation of filler masterbatch in thermoforming not only offers manufacturers a cost-effective material solution, but also assists in end-products’ properties improvement. Basically, thermoforming is a general term that refers to the process of transforming a plastic sheet […]

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EuP - Reliable exporter 2020

EuP is honored in the Top Reliable Exporters 2020 by the Ministry of Ịndustry and Trade of Vietnam

EuP has just been honored as “Reliable Exporters 2020” by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam in its latest announcement. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam just announced the list of 315 “Reliable Exporters in 2020”. The list is determined and published based on the recommendations of relevant agencies, which follow […]

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How to effectively apply colorants in your plastic injection moulding?

There is no denying that colorants are indispensable components in leveraging your plastic products’ competitiveness, especially for plastic injection moulded items. However, it’s sometimes quite challenging to effectively apply colorants in your end-products due to many variations. In this article, let’s take a high-level look at some important criterias for a more effective coloring application. […]

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HD filler masterbatch: 4 most common applications in the plastic industry

The use of calcium carbonate filler as a cost-effective material solution has become more and more popular in the plastic industry. In which, HD filler masterbatch is one of the most preferable one thanks to its various applications.  HD filler masterbatch (also known as HD calcium carbonate filler) is a combination of HDPE resin, CaCO3 […]

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