Benefits of using PP calcium carbonate filler in PP woven

The use of filler masterbatch, especially PP filler has considerably increased over the last decade. In which, PP woven is one of the largest contributors to PP calcium carbonate filler consumption. So, how exactly does the woven sector benefit from PP filler? Let’s find out in this article! Polypropylene (PP) had been widely known for […]

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4 types of filler masterbatches recommended for packaging industry

“What are suitable filler masterbatches for packaging ?” – If you are working in the packaging field, it must be a common question to help you find the suitable material for your end-products. In fact, the application of calcium carbonate filler in the packaging industry depends on many criteria, which makes it more challenging for […]

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Antistatic additives for plastic: What are they and how do they benefit our industry?

As static electricity on plastic surfaces has recently occurred on a large scale, it raises concerns about a fire or explosion of flammable materials, which poses a threat on end-users’ lives. Hence, the use of antistatic additives for plastic have played a vital part not only in improving the quality of plastic products, but also […]

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CaCO3 filler application in packaging industry

CaCO3 filler in the packaging industry – 5 most common applications

Because of the increase in plastic input materials, the use of CaCO3 filler in the packaging industry has now become more and more popular, especially in the packaging industry. In this article, let’s discover top 5 most common applications of calcium carbonate filler in the packaging industry. According to some research, packaging industry takes up […]

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What are antioxidant plastic additives and their applications in the plastic industry?

Most polymers are commonly subject to oxidation, leading to the degradation of end-products. In order for strengthening end-products’ quality, antioxidant plastic additives have been introduced to the plastic manufacturing process. In this article, let’s discover how this powerful substance works and its impacts on our plastic industry. Plastic products, while durable and flexible, are always […]

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What are plastic additives? 8 most common plastic additives in plastic industry

Plastic additives are vital substances added to plastic manufacturing to reinforce particular properties of end-products. Depending on expected products’ properties, corresponding plastic additives will be taken to significantly boost the overall quality. In this article, let’s discover top 8 most common plastic additives in the plastic industry. As end-users’ demands are getting more and more […]

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