Masterbatch-Color Masterbatch

Masterbatch for coloring carriers – Color Masterbatch

Masterbatch – Color Masterbatch. Polymer begins without any colors. Masterbatch delivers extra value to plastics by adding colors into carrier resins which makes our eyes delighted. Masterbatch (or color Masterbatch) is solid additive which is used to add into carrier resin. It’s compounding of pigments which attract our eyes with black, white and other colors. Plastic […]

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Black Masterbatch – The benefits of using Black Masterbatch in plastics

What is Black Masterbatch? Today, Black Masterbatch is widely used in plastic industry for many economic benefits. Black Masterbatch is the compound of carbon blacks, carrier resin and some additives. Normally, it is used for coloration, reducing production costs and performance. In combination with latest additives, Black Master batch offers many other benefits for final products such as: […]

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Filler masterbatch – The ways it benefits to plastic manufacturers

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Advantages of using Filler Masterbatch in plastics industry Nowadays, Filler Masterbatch is widely used in plastics industry for many economic benefits. Filler Masterbatch (or Calcium carbonate CaCO3 Filler Master batch) is compound of calcium carbonate powder and other additives, based on […]

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cong ty hat nhua europlas chinaplas 2016

EuP’s activities at Chinaplas 2016.

Following the success of international Trade Fairs participation before, from 25th-28th April, European Plastics Company-EUP attended ChinaPlas 2016 – The largest trade fair of plastics and rubber in China. Attending Chinaplas 2016, with experienced staffs in plastic industry, EuP introduced and consulted to international and chinese customers about products under brand name Europlas that are […]

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phụ gia ngành nhựa

Industrie du plastique du Vietnam avant la foire K 2016

Matin du 02/03/2016, au Centre des foires et des expositions de Saigon, la chambre de l’Industrie et du Commerce de l’Allemagne au Vietnam en coopération avec l’organisation de Messe Düsseldorf de l’Allemagne et l’Association du plastique du Vietnam ont organisé un séminaire sur la tendance du développement de l’industrie du plastique et caoutchouc mondial et […]

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