EuroPlas’s adaptability impresses visitors in ChinaPlas Trade Fair 2021

Under China’s restrictions as a result of Covid-19, EuP with its flexibility has excellently made a good impression on visitors when participating in ChinaPlas trade fair 2021. The leading Vietnamese filler masterbatch manufacturer both prepared an exhibiting booth as well as a team of online consultants to provide customers with timely support. That great adaptability […]

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101 things about plastic filler talc: Components, properties and applications

Plastic filler talc is undoubtedly one of the most common plastic fillers. Thanks to its outstanding mechanical characteristics, plastic talc filler has been widely used in many fields such as injection molding, extrusion molding, blown film,… as well as providing end-products with multiple advantages.  Plastic filler talc is a well-known plastic filler. It is unexaggerated […]

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What are calcium carbonate filler properties? How is it applied in the plastic industry?

Calcium carbonate filler is no longer a strange substance to plastic firms as it plays a vital part in manufacturing various plastic products such as plastic films, household appliances,… So, which calcium carbonate filler properties make it the first priority and how is it applied in the plastic industry? The global market is witnessing strong […]

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4 most common plastic filler materials in plastic industry

There is no denying that plastic filler materials are one of the most essential factors in retaining cost-effectiveness for plastic firms. Let’s take a look at 4 most common plastic filler materials in the plastic industry to better acknowledge the benefits of these magical materials. Plastic filler materials are known as one of the key […]

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The best plastic filler for plastic industry

What is the best filler for plastic? [Update 2021]

Among many choices of plastic fillers, how to figure out the best filler for your plastic? In fact, each type of plastic filler suits best with specific resins, which means plastic firms need to consider some factors such as the end-product’s mechanical properties, purpose, production cost,…before choosing the most appropriate plastic fillers. As plastic fillers […]

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EuP plastic filler

Plastic filler: What it is and how it benefits our plastic industry?

Plastic filler has now become an indispensable part of the plastic industry. Calcium carbonate, talc, barium sulfate, sodium sulfate,…are the most well-known plastic fillers. They are added to plastic due to its various functions such as cutting cost, improving certain properties of end-products. For a lot of people, it may seem a bit surprised when […]

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