Plastic additives make your products stronger

Additives are essential. Plastics are not plastics anymore without additives. Plastics on their own have many properties that make them ideal for creating durable consumer goods. Plastic additives help to enhance these features and add new features that are often needed to assist in the processing, manufacture, and final uses.  Additives solve problems Melting temperature […]

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filler masterbatch of eup

Using nonwovens in packaging is great for your business

Main types and uses of nonwovens in packaging The nonwoven packaging sector has been thriving since single use packaging was accused of a driver behind environment pollution. Nonwoven packaging is changing people’s habits towards environment-friendly products.  Before that, it has been somehow neglected, not counted as a part of nonwoven applications.  For two decades, nonwovens […]

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Anti-blocking: What you need to know

Additives to design and improve the performance of packaging. When it comes to packaging, the biggest concern of polyolefin films is blocking. But it can easily be solved by anti-blocking additives. General overview of additives purposes Additive products are known for: Optimise material cost Enhance final product quality and minimize side effects Enhance fabrication efficiency […]

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POLYMER COMPOSITES improves sustainable buildings and house interior

Benefits of plastics in building construction, and house interior design Generally speaking, plastics components offer great practical solutions. It not only saves a ton of money to produce than alternatives, even in tailor-made form. Plastics also can be moulded that means plastics can be combined to many other components, making plastics fabulous. 3 informations that […]

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Additives: a Silent Hero

Additives Make Plastics Easier To Process Common concerns over processing plastics: Short cycle times Better mold release Plate-out and deposits on molds and plastics surfaces Feeding problems Increased dimensional stability, less shrinkage Processing protection against depolymerization and yellowing Better melt flow Improved surface of glass-reinforced parts Better strength of flow lines in molded parts Higher […]

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PP bags using plastic masterbatch

Plastic and Non Woven Shopping Bags: Real “Green” Bags (2020)

You’ve heard that paper shopping bags can be more harmful than plastic , and reusable non woven shopping bags. Is this true? Which shopping bags are most eco-friendly and sustainable: reusable, plastic or paper bags? Nowadays, people care more about the environment. Consumers maybe know which materials are easily recycled and reused, but they do […]

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