calcium carbonate filler

Calcium carbonate filler is the most popular used for PP plastics

Calcium carbonate filler provides not only a decrease in the material cost but also modifies some physical properties. It is used as an additive in plastic and helps reduce surface resistance, opacity and surface gloss. Polypropylene for Plastics Polypropylene is a homogeneous material with similar corrosion resistance and does not require any additional treatment from […]

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The effects of masterbatch recipes on plastic products

Most modern plastic products are made by injection molding. In certain cases, the appearance of the product is extremely important and can be highly affected by the coloring of the neat polymer. Since 90% of injection molding companies use solid-phase masterbatches to color their products, it is very interesting to know how they affect the […]

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Cut the cost of filler masterbatch and sustain non woven product quality

EuP key advantages turn to your competitive advantages Tailor-made and private formulation reduces raw cost up to 20% Take advantage of economies of scale  Abundant sources of high-quality limestone in Viet Nam Sustain non woven final product quality European Plastic Company transforms the performance of filler masterbatch by using the composition of smooth nano stone […]

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What kinds of additive should be added to your products?

Main function of polymer additives. Normally, manufactures choose additives used in plastics materials based on their intended performance over a chemical basis. For more convenience, EuP classifies additives into 8 groups with similar applications and functions.   Functions Additives Polymerization/chemical modification aids AcceleratorsChain growth regulatorsCompatibilizersCross-linking agentsPromoters Improvement in processability and productivity (transformation aids) Flow promotersPlasticizersProcessing aidsRelease […]

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plastics application

Plastics: A cheap alternative to traditional materials

One of the most evolutionary changes of humankind has been the wide adoption of plastics for daily applications that relied mostly on metal, glass, and cotton in the past. Plastics have benefited and enhanced the way many industries work. Plastics are generally safe and economical for daily use, they are widely available and are suitable […]

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EuP is honored in the top VNR500 in 2019

EuP plastic has been on the list of VNR500 private sector consecutively for 5 years and ranked 254 out of 500 in 2019. For the first time, after 10 years of effort, EuP is in the top 500 largest state-owned and FDI companies in Viet Nam. VNR500 is The Top 500 Vietnamese Largest Enterprises list […]

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