Single-use plastics – 5 misperceptions about the environmental impacts

For many years, humans have been blaming single-use plastic for causing severe pollution to the environment. However, according to a new research published on Oct. 26 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, the environmental impacts of single-use plastic are exaggerated. Stepping into 2021, people’s awareness regarding environmental problems has increased remarkably, thus driving consumers to […]

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For the 6th consecutive time, EuP is honored in the Top 500 Vietnamese largest enterprises (VNR500)

Despite many ups and downs, 2020 was still a successful year for EuP as it was honored for the 6th consecutive time in the Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500). This is the second time EuP has been named in both rankings: Vietnamese Largest Enterprise Division (ranked 336 out of 500) and Vietnamese Largest […]

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europlas light diffusion compound


Rapid advances in LED lighting are due to the promise of increased energy efficiency, increased bulb life and the lack of heavy metals such as mercury. Although the benefits are many, a standard LED light produces a unidirectional light that many consumers find harsh and lacking in warmth. To reduce the glare and diffuse the […]

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europlas additives

Common types of halogen-free flame additives

Traditionally, halogen-based compounds are used as an economical route for good flame retardancy properties while having mechanical properties meeting application requirements. However, since the 90’s regulatory restrictions have increased regarding their use as they produce health and environment hazardous toxic dioxins and furans during their combustion. Black and toxic fumes are released adding another risk […]

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Europlas color masterbatch

A Primer on Colorful Additives

The melt coloring of plastics is one of the most functional value added features a resin producer, compounder, or parts fabricator can impart to their products. It not only provides desired appearance properties that help sell the product, but it can also enhance several other properties, such as stability toward UV light. In addition, melt […]

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filler masterbatch for plastics

Filler Surface Treatment

There are 2 main solutions for filler’s surface treatment. Their functions and purposes are different. One is related to chemical bonding and one is not.  Chemical bonding treatments are used when manufacturers want to enhance the adhesion between fillers and polymers,  to improve mechanical properties but impact strength. In contrast, non-bonding treatments enhance the ease […]

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