filler masterbatch and its applications

Classifications of Filler Masterbatch

Traditionally, most fillers were considered as a child category of additives because they affect nothing or even decrease the strength of the polymer. Their main usage purpose is reducing the cost of input materials by replacing expensive polymers. Besides, [...]

Blocking in blown film: Main causes and solutions

Blocking in blown film (film adhesion) is a common problem encountered by many manufacturers, which not only affects products’ quality, but also reduces production efficiency. So what is the main cause of this phenomenon and how to deal with [...]

What is bio filler masterbatch and how is it applied in the plastic industry?

When calcium carbonate filler has successfully demonstrated its vital role to the plastic industry, bio filler masterbatch seems to be unfamiliar to many manufacturers. In this article, let’s take a look at this substance to see if you have [...]

Calcium carbonate filler in non woven: Benefits and usage tips

As one of the most cost-effective material solutions, calcium carbonate filler is widely used in various applications, which include non-woven fabric. In this article, let’s discover amazing benefits of calcium carbonate filler in non woven and interesting usage tips [...]

4 amazing applications of BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch in plastic industry

There is no denying that the use of filler masterbatch plays an indispensable part in the plastic industry. Among various types of fillers such as calcium carbonate filler, talc filler,… BaSO4 transparent filler easily stands out thanks to its [...]

3 things to consider when applying CaCO3 filler masterbatch in the blown film industry?

Thanks to its tremendous benefits, CaCO3 filler masterbatch has become an indispensable component in many industries, especially in the blown film sector. However, the use of this substance normally requires careful consideration to minimize the possibility of mechanical degradation [...]

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