Black Masterbatch

Europlas Black Masterbatch is compound of carbon black pigment content and virgin polymer. Our Black Masterbatch improves the characters of finished product such as: durability against with extremely weather conditions, UV stability, high temperature resistance. We offer high quality with a wide range of Black Masterbatch products that are used for coloration and keeping production costs of plastic […]

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White Masterbatch

Europlas White Masterbatch is compounding of Titanium Dioxide, polymer carrier and other additives. Our White Masterbatches, some containing up to more than 70 % TiO2 content, not only offer the best solution for coloration of plastics, lower costs but also fit well with applications such as: Extrusion coating, injection molding and blow molding, fibers and non-woven, thin wall packaging and other packaging materials. To learn more […]

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Color Masterbatch

Color Masterbatch dedicates colorant to plastic products, also known as preparation of material (Pigment Preparation). EuP provides customers with a variety of color masterbatches such as: white masterbatch, black masterbatch, green masterbatch, yellow masterbatch, brown masterbatch, … We offer high quality Color Masterbatches containing high color loadings, excellent dispersion, high temperature resistance at lower costs. To learn more about our […]

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