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Color masterbatch with special effects suitable for the diversity of uses

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Color masterbatch with basic colors are a familiar product in the plastic manufacturing industry. However, recently, the aesthetic needs of people do not only stop at the basic colors. Therefore, color masterbatch with special effects and colors appear to address these diverse needs of users. This article will give you information on some of the batch colors with special effects that EuP can provide.

Fluorescent color masterbatch are widely used in the manufacturing of packaging and toys

Dye fluorescent works in the form of baking powder, which is insoluble like a pigment form when mixed with the base resin. Fluorescent color masterbatch have a very high level of light reflection and the ability to transform UV light into visible colors. Therefore they will make the finished product very colorful. Fluorescent pigments being available in the base resin help plastics emit fluorescence on various colors and achieve excellent thermal stability. The disadvantage of this type of colored batch colors is their low capacitance in resistance in solvents, less durability in strong light environments and must be used at high concentrations to be effective.

Fluorescent color masterbatch

Fluorescent color masterbatch are usually produced with base plastics such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, etc. They are widely used in the manufacture of packaging, toys and warning signs by extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and rubber molding methods.

Metallic color masterbatch is the perfect match for various decorative purposes

The most important metallic colorant in the color masterbatch manufacturing industry is aluminum flake pigments. The size of flakes in pigments greatly affects the color display on the final product. Small flakes will reduce the brightness of the color and make the product look darker. Meanwhile, large color flakes reflect more light, so the product also has more iridescence.

Although it has a significant metallic effect on color masterbatch, but due to the use of large aluminum flakes, it will also have negative effects on some physical properties of the product this type of colorant is usually only at the concentration approximately 10%. In industry, to color plastic products, the manufacturers will combine aluminum flakes with other organic pigments to create a variety of metallic color options.

Metalic color masterbatch

A note when using aluminum flakes is that they should be dispersed in base resin or liquid color masterbatch because dry aluminum flakes tend to be explosive. In addition, when dispersing aluminum flakes or any color pigments that create other metallic effects on the base resin, minimizing sliding forces to avoid breaking the flake’s structure or deforming flakes leading to the reduction on color effects is recommended. Common applications of iridescence batch colors are blow molding, film molding, film blowing and cosmetic containers manufacturing.

Nacreous color masterbatch has brought sophistication to the plastic products

Nacreous color masterbatch are composed of pigments flakes which are similar to the aluminum flake pigments. However, instead of using aluminum scales for metallic luster, the manufacturers will use thin mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide. This combination makes light passing through the batch colors is partially reflected and partially absorbed. Many pigments flakes react and absorb light at the same time, causing the surface of the colored plastic to have nacre effect. Similar to the using of aluminum flakes, when mixing these nacre flakes into plastic, pay attention to the sliding speed, adjust the speed accordingly in order to not breaking the flakes structure.

Some other special effects in colored plastic beads EuroPlas

In addition to the color masterbatch with special effects as mentioned above, EuP is completely confident that we can do the researches, produce and deliver to you various types of batch colors with many other special effects like pearly, transparent, edge glow, marble, glitter effect, etc. Not only brought a special appearance to the final products, but these masterbatches also reinforce physical strength, improve durability, maximize the hardness and deformation temperature of the base resins. Besides, our products possess outstanding features such as smooth and beautiful surface, clear effect, outstanding color and long life expectancy. Therefore, the EuroPlas color masterbatch is suitable for many purposes from making multipurpose boxes, food and cosmetics containers, wire covers, decoration materials, and furniture to other a wide range of other household items.

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