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Cut the cost of filler masterbatch and sustain non woven product quality

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EuP key advantages turn to your competitive advantages

  1. Tailor-made and private formulation reduces raw cost up to 20%
  2. Take advantage of economies of scale 
  3. Abundant sources of high-quality limestone in Viet Nam
  4. Sustain non woven final product quality

European Plastic Company transforms the performance of filler masterbatch by using the composition of smooth nano stone powder, which account for 70-80% by weight combined with base resins and additives. Using calcium carbonate filler reduces manufacturing costs and sustains product quality. Besides, EuP is one of the top 5 filler masterbatch in the world, so EuP is trying to take advantage of economies of scale to reduce final product cost and to deliver the best price to the customer.

EuP is a leading Vietnamese producer of filler masterbatch. The company’s products also include color, compound, additives and filler masterbatch.

Differentiated offering

EuP is prioritizing filler masterbatch that brings customers added values: cost-efficiency. Currently, EuP is producing 350,000 tons of filler masterbatch per year. The majority of masterbatch for non woven products is mainly used in packaging, and clothes industries. Besides, technical support is available 24/7 to provide you a comprehensive raw material guide for different applications, and EuP is willing to give you a consultation in setting up a business for you. 

EuP filler masterbatch also meets various law compliance standards from the EU. This makes them well-suited for use in high-end non woven applications.

The most essential factor in manufacturing filler masterbatch: Calcium Carbonate

The most important ingredient of filler masterbatch is calcium carbonate. That is why EuP is very selective in choosing calcium carbonate sources and adds the highest amount of calcium carbonate into our formulation as possible.

For your information, high loadings of more than 80% of CaCO3 in the formulation can result in pelletization difficulties and produce dust in the manufacturing process. EuP products are homogeneous quality, good dispersion, do not get stuck in the extruder machine, and do not generate dust.  

After using EuP filler masterbatch, customers are satisfied with its benefits:

  • Higher profit, lower production costs
  • End-product benefits
  • Cleaner manufacturing environment 

Save your costs 

By adding a high percentage of calcium carbonate to the formulation, the price of Europlas filler masterbatch can be very competitive. This is partly because EuP is located in Viet Nam, where the sources of limestone are very high quality and cost-competitive.

Cleaner manufacturing environment 

The secret of EuP formulation is to absorb more filler and create a better manufacturing environment, no calcium carbonate dust generated during the operation made product pelletization easier.

End-product benefits 

EuP offers a solution not only to reduce your raw cost, but also to heighten the surface features, hardness, durability in physical and chemical of finished products, and the heat resistance advantage. The end products were also softer and smoother.

Our filler masterbatch specifications are listed below:

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