6 common applications of plastic engineering compounds in the electrical and electronic industry

In recent years, compound engineering plastic is known as a new material solution for plastic end-products with complex structures and high mechanical precision requirements, especially in the electrical industry. 

As being made based on end-products’ characteristics, engineering plastic compound carry all the necessary features of the end-products in one single material. Applying compound in the production of electrical and electronic equipment not only helps enterprises improve the quality of finished products, but also saves time in handling raw materials, thereby improving productivity and competitiveness.

These below are the most common applications of compound engineering plastics in electrical and electronic equipment that businesses can refer to.

1. Earphone

With strict technical requirements for rigidity, electrical insulation and good sound transmission, compound ABS is an ideal material for the production of earphone cases. This product is a combination of ABS plastic resin, appropriate reinforcements and additives, thereby helping the end-product to have good mechanical properties, good electrical insulation, good transmission, and at the same time achieve aesthetic requirements (such as color, color dispersion, smoothness, bright and glossy surface). Most importantly, all features are concentrated in a single material, thus allowing manufacturers to directly create end-products without going through any mixing phases. 


Earphone case made of plastic engineering compound

2. Phone charger

Another practical application of plastic engineering compound is phone charger. To create an end-product with high mechanical requirements, good flame retardancy as well as absolute technical accuracy, many manufacturers have chosen compound PC. Here's why. 
Good mechanical properties: With a sturdy structure, compound PC helps end-products to achieve the desired stiffness.
Dimensional stability: The structure of PC plastic helps to minimize shrinkage occurring during the processing, thereby minimizing technical defects and achieving high sharpness.
Flame retardancy: An outstanding advantage that makes compound PC one of the top choices for electrical equipment is its flame retardancy. This material easily meets several fire retardant standards such as V0, V1, V2 or 5VA depending on the requirements of end-products. 


Phone charger

With technical advantages and optimization in processing, it is understandable that compound PC has been widely applied in the production of phone chargers.

3. Phone case

Not only is PC compound applied in the production of phone chargers, it is also a familiar material in making plastic phone cases. Thanks to the good rigidity, fire resistance and especially high dimensional stability, PC compound helps to limit shrinkage during processing of end-products, and at the same time improves mechanical properties, thereby creating more stiff, stable, and precise products compared with those from traditional materials. 

Plastic phone case

4. Electric meter

Plastic parts of electric meters were used to be made of synthetic materials (composite materials) thanks to their good mechanical properties and high resistance to weather, heat and chemicals. However, the disadvantage of composite materials is that it is difficult to recycle, thus causing environmental pollution after disposal. Therefore, manufacturers are gradually turning to PC compound thanks to its good rigidity, stable size and flame retardancy.

5. Electric generator

PP compound has been receiving positive feedbacks from several plastic manufacturers. This material is a combination of PP resin, additives and reinforcements in accordance with the requirements of end-products. This helps the product to achieve the standard stiffness, reduce shrinkage, increase impact resistance and heat resistance. These are important requirements to help end-products operate efficiently and durably, and at the same time limit the risk of fire and explosion to users.

Electric generator made of engineering plastic compound

6. Advertising light box

Advertising light box is one of the most challenging applications because of its relatively strict technical requirements regarding hardness, thermal resistance and especially light scattering ability. To solve this problem, manufacturers have created plastic engineering compound. With a mixture of fossil resin and special additives, the end product has good light scattering ability, high hardness, dimensional stability and good flame retardancy. At the same time, the weather-stabilizing additive component also limits the environmental impact on the plastic surface and improves the durability of the product, thereby improving the efficiency of use.

Advertising light box made of engineering plastic compound 

EuroPlas plastic engineering compound

EuroPlas compound is a high-tech plastic material made of a fossil resin, combined with special reinforcing agents and additives to meet the specific requirements of each plastic end-product. Using engineering plastic compounds has become a new trend of the modern plastic industry as it not only improves the quality of finished products, but also helps to optimize the production process, save time and increase productivity. 

EuroPlas engineering plastic compound

Currently, EuroPlas is providing a wide range of engineering plastic compounds, such as PP compound, ABS compound, PC compound,... Depending on customer requirements, our products will be customized to suit your end-products. 

For more product details and samples, please contact HERE!

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