PP flame retardant compound

The main components of PP-FR compound are polypropylene (PP) resin and halogen/non-halogen flame retardant. Depending on customers’ requirements, PP-FR compound has different levels of UL94-standard flame retardants: 5VA, 5VB, V0, V1, V2. It is widely used in the electronic industry, fireproof components production,...

  • All functions in one single material 
  • Allow to directly processed without any materials required
  • Tailor-made based on end-products' requirements
  • Prevent fire spread on plastic surface
Technical specificationsDownloadcloud_download
  • Storage: Products should be stored in a cool, dry condition
  • Delivery: By road or by sea according to the agreement between two parties


Mobile charger
Power socket
Electronic components
Car fuel tank cap
Electronic components pallet