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EuP got into the Top 200 Vietnamese largest private enterprises (VNR500)

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According to VNR500’s 2021 ranking, EuP witnessed a significant increase in both rankings: 199/500 (Vietnamese Largest Private Enterprise Division) and 353/500 (Vietnamese Largest Enterprise Division)

2021 is a relatively challenging year for Vietnamese economy, especially for the plastic industry due to the negative impacts of Covid epidemic. The disruption of global supply chains, the increase of freight rates along with social distancing regulations have put many plastic enterprises under threat of poor capacity, late delivery or even order cancellation.  

As one of the leading manufacturers in the plastic material field, EuP had to face with several difficulties resulting from the epidemic. However, with the confidence and experience, it immediately took many measures to get adapted to the “new normal” situation and ensure production efficiency, such as switching to teleworking, adjusting production schedule, taking Covid test and spraying disinfectant on a regular basis,… Hence, though EuP more or less was affected by the pandemic, it successfully managed to achieve production goals as well as maintaining stable revenue growth compared to that of previous year.

EuP was honored in the Top 500 Vietnamese largest enterprises 2021
EuP was honored in the Top 500 Vietnamese largest enterprises 2021

This is the 7th consecutive time that EuP got into VNR500 ranking. This year witnessed a significant increase in both rankings: 199/500 for Vietnamese Largest Private Enterprise Division (up 37 ranks) and 353/500 (up 43 ranks) for Vietnamese Largest Enterprise Division.

Since its first presence in VNR500 ranking, EuP has experienced a steady annual increase of ranking, even at the peak of Covid outbreak (2020 – 2021). This once again demonstrated its capacity and position as one of the leading enterprises in the plastic material market.

VNR500 is a trusted ranking, founded by the cooperation between Vietnam Report and Vietnamnet E-Newspaper to honor Top 500 Vietnamese largest enterprises. 2021 marks the 15th year of VNR500 on the journey of searching and honoring typical businesses.



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