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EuP – the most prestigious exporting company in Vietnam

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As the world-leading innovator of filler masterbatch, color masterbatch, and other plastic raw material manufacturers, European Plastic Company – EuP is extremely đeicated to exporting our most stable and wanted filler masterbatch products around the world.
On 17th July 2018, Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade has announced the “Top Reputable Exporters 2017” where European Plastic Company – Công ty Cổ Phần Nhựa Châu Âu took pride to be one of the 11 reputable plastic exporters. With three main criteria: exporting turnover, voted by the competent authority and strictly abide by the rules of exporting in Vietnam; European Plastic Company was devoted to heightening the export sales and breaking into the new territories.
Since 2007, through over 11 years of continuously developing and innovating, European Plastic Company has exported +70 nations in the world, became one of the most trusted suppliers in filler masterbatch, color masterbatch, compounds, additives and other related plastic raw material around the world.
Check out the official announcement of Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade about the “Top Reputable Exporters 2017” in the link here.
The official document of the “Top Reputable Exporters 2017” published by Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade is here.
Please find us on the page number 9 in line XVI – SẢN PHẨM CHẤT DẺO (11 doanh nghiệp) under the name Công ty CP Nhựa Châu Âu.

The most prestigious expoting supplier Doanh nghiệp xuất khẩu uy tín 2017



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