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EuroPlas black masterbatch and the standardized production procedure of EuP

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Black masterbatch is the familiar product in both industrial production and our daily life with numerous applications, ranging from basic to complex. But have you ever wondered how the black masterbatch was produced? Keep reading to the end of this article to see how the process of masterbatches production works!

Black masterbatch production with continuous double rotor mixer technology

Nearly all the production started with the selection of raw materials. At EuP, to produce high quality black masterbatch products, we always start with the best quality input materials. To produce black mastebatches, EuP always uses proper materials including carbon black powders, base resin (which can be primary plastic or recycled plastic), colorant for plastic (in some cases it is not necessary to use this material) and other additives. These materials are added to the mixer with a well-proportioned formula/ratio. All of these components will be mixed at high speed at room temperature for 10 minutes Then the mixture is poured into a double-rotors machine and mixed at a temperature of 160oC. Under high temperature in the mixer, the components started melting and blended together, forming a black master batch mixture. The mixture is transferred to the extruder and pressed into a strip, which is immediately cooled and cut into granules.

black masterbatch

How are these black masterbatch used in plastic-based products manufacturing?

Black masterbatch produced by EuP under the brand-name EuroPlas is highly compatible product, which are suitable for usage in a wide variety of production processes ranging from daily life purposes to industrial and agricultural activities purposes. One of the most distinctive characteristics of masterbatches made from carbon black is the ability to persist under the effects of the environment, especially the impact of direct sunlight and solar radiation.

In particular, some special kinds of black masterbatch are also used in combination with metal-based packaging products with two main purposes. The first one is to enhance some basic properties of metal. The second one is to inhibit the harmful effects of several factors such as corrosive substances, bacteria, oxidants. Thanks to these contribution, the durability of the final products is strengthened meanwhile the usage efficiency is also increased.

black masterbatch application

3 benefits of using black masterbatch in modern production lines

Compared to the traditional method in which primary plastic was used, using black masterbatch brings more benefits to the plastic-product manufacturers.

Black masterbatch helps saving production cost

First, they help manufacturers save production costs because some kinds of masterbatches contains plastic fillers. Thus, instead of 100% of the raw material input was accounted by the primary plastic as before, now the manufacturers only has to use the base resin with the ratio at approximately 30-40%, resulting in huge savings in terms of cost.

Black masterbatch reinforce the physical characteristics of the product

Second, black master batch is not only a product that adds color to plastic, but also offers many other side effects. For example, the presence of carbon black does not allow the product to be black, but it is also a light and antioxidant effect. Types of additives in batch master also provide outstanding properties for products such as beautiful glossy surface, flame retardant, anti-slip, heat-resistant and stable under severe weather conditions.

Black masterbatch is highly appreciated for its chemical stability

The third benefit that black masterbatch giving to us is the ability to maintain chemical stability, especially when compared to the use of industrial coloring products. The pigments present in industrial coloring products under normal conditions will often face many disadvantages both in storage and directly utility. Especially when being exposed to factories’ air for long periods of time, they are very susceptible to moisture, oxidation and easily damaged by countless other natural phenomena. However, it is a different story speaking of masterbatches. Pigments mixed with other ingredients in black master batch will avoid maximum exposure to the atmosphere and conditions from the surrounding environment, thereby improving their quality and life expectancy.



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