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Filler Masterbatch – the cost reduction solution

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Filler Masterbatches

The course to diminish Compounding costs is with Filler Masterbatches. A filler masterbatch is PP loaded with 60-70% Filler. These are mixed with Unfilled PP simply like Color Masterbatches and after that handled. I have accepted that the per Kg. Aggravating expenses continue as before for Filler Masterbatches with respect to Filled Compounds. The Compounding cost gets conveyed by the expansion of unfilled PPCo. Blending happens in typical Blender and Injection Molding machine/Extruder.

As a delineation let us accept that the cost of a Filler Masterbatch is as in Table 1 of Calcium Carbonate filled PP CoPolymer May 2011(PP: Rs. 90/kg, Filler Rs. 8/kg. Compounding Cost Rs.10/Kg) on the previous article, 80% stacking or around Rs 36/Kg. 80% is a high stacking yet I have utilized it to represent the most extreme cost lessening potential:

  • Though Density continues as before, Volume cost change versus purchased in Compound is higher, Rs 7.87 and Rs 6.99 separately, yet Filler masterbatch expansion does not cut down the Volume cost to underneath Unfilled PPCo (81.45 Rs/Ltr).
  • By mixing, it is considerably less demanding to modify the Filler level for the coveted properties.

Cost Reduction with Filler Masterbatch

Cost of Bought in Filled PPCo

Cost of Bought in Filler masterbatch PPCo

Table 2: Benefit of filler masterbatch 20% and 30% filled

Cost of blended PP Copolymer and filler masterbatch 25 and 37.5 percent filler masterbatch

Table 3: Cost of blended PP Copolymer and filler masterbatch 25% and 37.5% filler masterbatch

Cost reduction with CaCO3 filler masterbatch

Table 4: Cost reduction with CaCO3 filler masterbatch with 20% and 30% filled PP Copolymer

Filler Masterbatch proposes for Molded Furniture (and different items sold by Volume)

  • While Filler Masterbatches is a decent method to diminish costs, the volume costs remain higher than unfilled PP.
  • Even at half Filler, Compound Volume cost does not go underneath Unfilled PPCo (81.45 Rs/Ltr)
  • In Molded Furniture, Cost per seat is probably not going to diminish by expanding Filler Loadings.
  • Resistance to diversion (Stiffness) enhances with Filler Loading.
  • Reduction in Impact quality must be adjusted with expected firmness to land at ideal filler stacking for a specific Molded Furniture Model.

o Rigorous assessment with mixes of PP Co, PP Homo, and Filled Masterbatches with affect opposition, Stiffness and Weight tried for each mix ought to be finished. Investigation of the outcomes and patterns will help build up the most savvy answer for each form.

  • These perceptions should remain constant for every shaped item in PP and HDPE. The utilization of Mineral Filled infusion shaped polyolefins would essentially be the place physicals like Stiffness, Flexural Modulus and HDT require change.

Mineral Filled HDPE applications: Raffia Tape

This is one region of the Polyolefin handling scene that utilization of filler is across the board. So as to comprehend why it is thus, it is critical to comprehend Volume costs and the way Raffia items are determined and sold.

Antifibrilating Filler Masterbatch

Utilization of Filler by the Raffia Tape Industry began as an Antifibrilating specialist. This was begun with HDPE tapes and afterward later with PP. The Industry soon understood that great cost investment funds could be accomplished with filler loadings higher than that required for antifibrilation.

Volume cost contemplations can clarify why a Raffia Tape producer get cost funds by filler expansion and not disintegrates or besides the huge HDPE Pipe and other expelled items.

What are the fundamental contrasts? In the embellishment Industry, items are sold per unit volume. The volume is the shape volume. To diminish volume another form is required. This is a costly suggestion, yet is the best way to lessen Raw Material expenses. Most shaped furniture makers have developed a huge supply of various molds yielding comparative plan seats yet of various weights. These take into account distinctive market portions. The careless Filler loadings that have occurred in the PVC Pipe industry has been reflected by a thoughtless divider thickness lessening in the shaped furniture industry. The outcomes are as tragic as plot in my prior paper. I give this as a delineation of the energy of Volume cost. In the event that Volume cost does not diminish on including fillers despite the fact that the buy cost of the filled compound goes down, different strategies are required to lessen fetched, which may keep running into a few crores in capital expenses.

In the Raffia tape industry, anyway, the Tape denier is the essential particular. Rafia tape isn’t sold by volume The Extrusion procedure permits simple alterations in tape measurements with no additional capital expenses. We will now investigate how Volume cost has made filler expansion lucrative in the Raffia Tape Industry.





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