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Review filler masterbatch manufacturer – EuP’s activities at K-FAIR 2019

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Filler masterbatch has always been an important product in the plastic industry. Therefore, the filler masterbatch is constantly improved and upgraded to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users. Thanks to this reason, fairs and exhibitions related to plastic industry have become extremely necessary events, serving as a place to exchange new technology among businesses, as well as a connection between manufacturers and users from all over the world. K-FAIR is one of the events that EuP does not allow ourselves to miss. Let’s review the journey of EuP when coming to K-FAIR 2019.

What are the filler masterbatch did EuP bring to K-FAIR 2019?

Coming to the world’s largest rubber and plastic industry fair and exhibition, K-FAIR 2019, EuP brings along 3 “secret weapons” that we are most proud of: quality filler masterbatch products that have made the reputation of the brand-name EuroPlas, new masterbatch products developed by EuP and finally a team full of dedicated professional staffs who are always ready to advise and provide our customers the best service.

europlas filler masterbatch in kfair 2019

Besides filler masterbatch, meet the new generated product under the brand BiOnext

Besides the filler masterbatch, the highlight of EuP’s booth at K-FAIR 2019 is a “brand-new face” that has just been completed by our developing team after a long period of research and investment – BiOplastic Compound product with BiOnext brand, which having the most outstanding characteristic of biodegradability. BiOnext products are extremely environmentally friendly because they are made with the primary component is biodegradable plastic. This product is promising to be used as a raw material in many other industries by not affecting the quality of the output products but still meeting the environmental criteria.

bionext compound

Meet the wide range of filler masterbatch – key products of EuP

Accompanying with the EuP team to attend K-FAIR 2019 are the fimiliar filler masterbatch products that have made the reputation and prestige of the EuroPlas brand including regular filler masterbatches, color masterbatch, BIO fillers, technical plastic compound, etc. EuP’s products are manufactured from high quality input materials and undergo the process of mixing within machinery systems and technological equipment imported directly from Germany. That’s why our products are not only cheap but also satisfy international standards.

europlas combo filler masterbatch

Filler masterbatch manufacturer – EuP considers K-FAIR as a strategic step in 2019

With more than 232,000 attendees, K-FAIR is considered the world’s largest fair and exhibition in plastic and rubber industry in both criteria: size and professional level. The fair not only provides booths so that filler masterbatch producers can come to display and showcase their products but also organized short presentations, each for about 15 minutes (starting from 10:30 to 16 : 30 daily during K-FAIR) for experts to publish their new innovations, technologies and solutions for all issues related to this industry.

Thousands of customers visited EuP’s filler masterbatch booth and  joined other activities

Since its inception in 2017, the filler masterbatch manufacturer EuP has been pursuing globalization with the expectation of being able to immerse ourselves in the international business environment and have the opportunity to cooperate with various partners coming from all over the world. Therefore, we have never missed the opportunity to attend the previous K-FAIR. Following that precedent, this year, EuP had the opportunity to welcome thousands of visitors to the company’s booth at Hall 7.2 / D19 during the 8 days of the event in Dusseldorf, Germany.


Introduction limestone powder sourcve producing quality filler masterbatch to K-FAIR

EuP – one of the top 5 largest filler masterbatch manufacturers in the world, comes to K-FAIR not only to serve the individual purpose of the company is to showcase our products and to reach international customers but we also want to introduce to the world that Vietnam has a highly developed masterbatch production industry with a rich and world-class material. We, as the leading plastic additive manufacturer in Vietnam, are eager to introduce high quality CaCO3 stone powder as raw materials in Vietnam to various partners in this industry because this is not only our strength but also our pride.



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