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5 types of masterbatch products of EuP received generous attentions at ChinaPlas 2019

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Masterbatch of European Plastic Company – EuP has always been the best quality product in the plastic market. The variation of masterbatch products that we brought to ChinaPlas 2019 are our passion during a research and development process. Therefore, they have received a lot of generous attentions from guests attending ChinaPlas 2019.

EuP is honored to attend largest plastic and rubber exhibition in Asia – ChinaPlas 2019

The largest rubber and plastic masterbatch trade fair and exhibition in Asia – ChinaPlas 2019 opened on May 21st, 2019 at the China Import & Export Fair Complex in Pazhou, Guangzhou, China. Following the success of previous visits, the European Plastics Company is pleased to be able to accompany ChinaPlas this time. We view this as a golden opportunity to meet new customers and introduce them to our best quality products.


The plastic masterbatch exhibition and trade fair ChinaPlas 2019 was held with many interesting activities

Plastic and rubber trade fair and exhibition ChinaPlas 2019 is not only an opportunity for participants to introduce their new products to the public and to expand their market, but it is also an opportunity for those interested in this industry to be accessible and to update the latest news and knowledge and most  advanced technologies in plastic and masterbatch manufacturing in the world. ChinaPlas 2019 fair is divided into 20 distinct areas to facilitate successful sourcing for buyers. These 20 areas are further divided into 3 main parts including:

  • Machinery exhibition area (including 11 sub-areas)
  • Exhibition area for material suppliers (including 8 sub-areas)
  • Commercial service area – a newly established area dedicated to service providers and electronic business facilities in the plastics industry


EuroPlas plastic masterbatch products received generous attentions

With this attendance to the ChinaPlas fair, we are honored to introduce and showcasing our five featured products that make up the brand name EuroPlas. These include Filler / Color / Black masterbatch, Technical Resin Compound and Wood Plastic Compound. Thanks to the outstanding quality of the product and the long-standing reputation of EuP, the company’s booth at K61, Hall11.3 has received much attention from many visitors.

During 4 days at ChinaPlas 2019, EuP has achieved unexpected success when we are honored to meet many delegations from all over the world. EuP not only had a chance to meet up with potential customers and introduce our products, we also have signed many valuable contracts, becoming an important partner of many manufacturers in the plastic industry around the world, especially customers in China and Europe market.

masterbatch chinaplas 2019

triển lãm hạt nhựa masterbatch chinaplas 2019

triển lãm hạt nhựa chinaplas 2019

Let’s find out the reasons why EuP’s masterbatch products in particular and EuroPlas brands in general are loved and received the attention of many ChinaPlas 2019 customers.

EuP’s technical team is always willing to advise customers of suitable plastic beads

The staffs of the European Plastic Company EuP appointed to attend ChinaPlas 2019 are our most excellent employees who have the deep savvy about masterbatch market. The customers who came to EuP’s booth at ChinaPlas this year were well cared for by our staffs. They were also carefully introduced and received enthusiastically advises on our typical products resulted from that we have been diligently researching, well selecting quality raw materials, building world-class production procedures and displaying them at the world leading plastic exhibition and trade fair ChinaPlas 2019.


EuP brings to the fair a wide range of plentiful types of masterbatch

Filler masterbatch, Colorant for plastic and Technical Plastic Compound are always the key products of EuP for many years. Thanks to the advantage of exploiting the material source of CaCO3 with abundant reserves at limestone quarries in Vietnam, EuP can offer excellent quality calcium carbonate filler products with the extremely affordable prices to help manufacturers reducing the cost of input materials and improve production efficiency.

In addition, Color masterbatch and technical plastic compound products are all high-tech products which are meticulously produced with quality raw materials and standard mixing formula to produce world-class finished products pleasing any requests of the most demanding customers.


The variation of other masterbatch products coming from EuP’s affiliated companies and brands

This year, coming to ChinaPlas 2019, we not only introduced our products to customers around the world but also offered a wider range of choices with quality products of 2 subsidiary brands of EuP. Firstly, black masterbatch we brought to ChinaPlas is product from Abbey Vietnam. This is a collaborative brand between EuP and Abbey UK. Being produced with the best raw materials including base resin, carbon powder and plastic additives, Abbey Vietnam black masterbatches are surely the multi-use product and easy to use in many manufacturing. details in other industries.

Besides black masterbatch, EuP also brought to ChinaPlas another brand – EuroStark, which main products are wood plastic compound (WPC). Combining and possessing many beneficial properties from both types of wood pulp ingredients (sawdust, wood chips, etc.) and plastic, the wood plastic compound is clearly a remarkable product on the market because it ensures both aesthetic and affordable price and high applicability.


Summarize EuP’s activities at plastic & masterbatch expo ChinaPlas 2019

Summarizing 4 days of participating in Asia’s largest plastic masterbatch exhibition – ChinaPlas 2019, the whole leader broad and staffs of EuP are very happy with the achieved results. First of all, European Plastics Company is very happy because there were so many customers visited our booth and interested in EuroPlas products. We are extremely honored having a chance to introduce our quality products to customers around the world as well as to sign many valuable contracts. These achievements had contributed in consolidating the company’s position and reputation in the top 5 largest masterbatch manufacturer in the world.



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