europlas additives

Common types of halogen-free flame additives

Traditionally, halogen-based compounds are used as an economical route for good flame retardancy properties while having mechanical properties meeting application requirements. However, since the 90’s regulatory restrictions have increased regarding their use as they produce health and environment hazardous toxic dioxins and furans during their combustion. Black and toxic fumes are released adding another risk […]

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bottle cap design

Design of Plastic Products (part 2): The holistic design approach

The part becomes more rigid as it cools in the mold. Even an essentially rigid material might be successfully ejected from the mold if this function is performed while the part is still soft.  However, the part must also be rigid enough to withstand the force of ejection without enduring permanent distortion. The point at […]

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Oil price, plastic cost, filler: how industries interweave

What is the relationship between oil price and plastic cost and which role of filler in this circle?   The unpredictability of oil prices across global What have people thought when US president Trump announced to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal? Politicians worried about Iran’s regional wars, human right activists concerned about terrorism, […]

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phụ gia nhựa additive masterbatch

Worldwide bio plastics market to be driven by request from bundling in North America

10 years back, biodegradable bundling was not known to have any genuine criticalness. Notwithstanding, as of late biodegradable bundling has turned into a fundamental piece of the worldwide bundling market. The rising shopper mindfulness towards biodegradable bundling has prompted the colossal development of the general market. The worldwide bio plastics showcase was US$19.54 bln in […]

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Filler masterbatch for injection moulding, raffia tape, funnels and film

This is a continuation on the articles on Volume Cost. We should concede that we have significantly more commonsense involvement with Filled PVC when contrasted with filled Polyolefins, so our article on Polyolefins depended on hypothetical contemplations. We had asked for input with respect to whether the conclusions drawn are really reflected by and by. […]

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color concentrates for plastics is faded

What makes color concentrates for plastics faded and how to prevent it?

Color concentrates for plastics play an important role in contributing the value of a plastic product by bringing the diversity of choice to end users. However, in some cases, these color concentrates for plastics are easily faded, especially under the pressure of harsh conditions. But what was the exact causes of fading phenomenon happened in […]

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PP bags using plastic masterbatch

5 types of plastic masterbatch are mainly used for application in packaging production

Plastic masterbatch are also used in packaging in addition to materials such as paper, glass and metal. Plastic masterbatch are not naturally available, but must undergo various processing from the crude oil. There are many types of plastic packaging on the market today and are used by us every day. Plastic packaging can be nylon […]

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black masterbatch

Facts of black masterbatch and its application will make you surprise

Black masterbatch – the basic component in manufacturing black plastic objects Black masterbatch is one of the most basic color masterbatch that EuP had proudly launched to the market. In daily life, black objects are widely used since it is easy to combine the black color with other colors. Moreover, black features seem to look […]

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color masterbatch in the plastic industry

5 reasons why masterbatch is indispensable solution for coloring plastic products

Masterbatch has covered the vast majority of our modern world. It’s easy to find a random stuff around you that was made of masterbatch. We all know that plastic have outstanding features over other traditional materials such as wood or glass. But why primary plastic has been replaced with master batch? Here are 10 reasons […]

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masterbatch injection molding 2

Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch and 4 most well-known applications

Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch is considered as the most preeminet material in plastic production. Calcium carbonate filler has various applications with a wide range of products generated from. Here are outstanding features and 4 most well-known applications of this masterbatch. What is calcium carbonate filler masterbatch? An overall information of this EuP’s flagship product Calcium […]

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