color masterbatch researchers

How to know color masterbatch you are using is good or bad?

Color masterbatch market is rapidly increasing in size and potential. This leads to some difficulties in finding the most suitable color masterbatch for each specific desire. But how to know the masterbatch you are using is good or bad? Read this article to find the basic criteria that need to be followed in evaluating the […]

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black masterbatch eup

Facts of black masterbatch and its application will make you surprise

Black masterbatch – the basic component in manufacturing black plastic objects Black masterbatch is one of the most basic color masterbatch that EuP had proudly launched to the market. In daily life, black objects are widely used since it is easy to combine the black color with other colors. Moreover, black features seem to look […]

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color concentrates for plastics

Color concentrates for plastics and the diversity of choice in EuP

Color concentrates for plastics category under brand name EuroPlas consists 10 different types. EuP is proud to introduce you our high-quality color concentrates for plastics – Color masterbatch. Taking advantages from having the high-quality materials, a technical team with many years of professional experience, and the machinery systems imported from Germany, EuP is able to […]

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calcium carbonate masterbatch 1

Applications of calcium carbonate masterbatch in the plastic industry

Calcium carbonate masterbatch is made of calcium carbonate, base resins and several plastic additives. Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) powder used in calcium carbonate masterbatch production has the natural origins. It exists in many forms such as calcite, limestone, chalk, marble or aragonite, or in the form of impurities and minerals such as dolomite. For thousands of […]

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compound caco3 of eup

Compound CaCO3 – the best taical solution for plastic industry in Vietnam

Compound CaCO3 is the main component of limestone powder – a common mineral resource. With abundant reverses in Vietnam, compound CaCO3 collected from the limestone powder exploitation has opened myriad of chance for the plastic industry in Vietnam. Compound CaCO3 (taical) is an effective solution in the context of competition among enterprises Taical, also known […]

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phụ gia nhựa additive masterbatch

7 most common additive masterbatch in plastic industry you must know

Masterbatch is becoming the indispensible material in the 21th century. It’s hard to imagine a life without additive masterbatch and because the plastic industry is very important to us, having profound knowledge on additives not only keeps this industry continuously developing but also supports other industries. What is additive masterbatch and its importance in manufacturing […]

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colorant for plastic

The excellent colorant for plastic is the color masterbatch of EuP

Colorant for plastic is properly the most popular additives added into the process of plastic manufacturing. Colorant for plastic is necessary in bringing an attractive appearance to the plastic products. They are variable in types (pigments, dyes, etc.) and forms (liquid, powders or pellet). Let us give you a more insightful and specific look at […]

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calcium carbonate filler

How does calcium carbonate filler benefit to the plastic industry?

Calcium carbonate filler is one of the most innovative solutions ever developed in this industry. Calcium carbonate filler not only functions in improving the quality of final plastic products but also helps plastic manufacturer reduce as much production cost as possible, hence gain more profits. Let us provide you a deep insight on this special […]

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blowing film masterbatch manufacturing

6 common methods applied in plastic and masterbatch manufacturing

Masterbatch manufacturing is the core of masterbatch and plastic industry. Masterbatch manufacturing comprises of several technologies that may confuses newbies. However, if you want to be a master in plastic industry, you need to fully understand these processes. Here are the most common methods that are widely used in masterbatch producing. Injection Molding – the […]

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Specific provisions for certain plastic materials and articles

Multi-layer materials and articles are those articles which are made out of at least two layers. The layers can be held together by glues or by different means; for instance, they can be created through co-expulsion. Two unique cases can be separated: those that are made just out of plastics or of plastics together with […]

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