Towards a circular economy: what awaits us in 2020?

In the analysis of PlasticEurope Outlook, 2018, the development of a circular economy is at the heart of its debate. Economic circulation has become not only a trend of the plastic industry but also of the global economy. Linear economy vs Circular Economy Circular economy is the term to call an “closed” economic system of […]

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The Difference between Extrusion Blow Molding and Injection Molding

The Difference between Extrusion Blow Molding and Injection Molding There are not one, but several methods can be used to form plastic bottle and containers, among these the most common terms are Extrusion Blow Molding and Injection Molding. Both are processes to produce plastic parts, both requires the input of melted polymer into a metal […]

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5 innovative inventions from plastic

  5 innovative plastic-made inventions Plastic is, by all means, the devil we befriend. For all the call of environmentalists about banning plastic use for goods, it remains as the truth that humans can’t separate their daily life from plastic. They are parts of our cars, our homes. They are what keep our food fresh […]

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Bullet-proof is actually made of plastic

On 27/2/2019, Hanoi hosted the summit between two of the world’s most infamous leaders: President Donald Trump of the USA and president Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Even though the visit of President Kim, as normally, was shrouded by mystery, there is one image that takes the world by storm. This green train is […]

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The challenge of coloring plastic

Almost all the plastic products consumers’ use today have a touch of color in them. Color is not there only for aesthetic purpose, they function as a method to differentiate product’s categories, models and sizes. Because colored plastic is such a common practice, it leads to an assumption that plastic coloring is a simple process. […]

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What is American Milkman Model and how it could save Vietnam recycling industry?

The Milkman Model may sound outdated, since this term has a history dated back to the 1950s. At that time in the USA, consumers didn’t own the milk bottle, the producing companies did. The milkmen delivered the milk to customer’s house and collected the old empty bottles which had been used. They brought them back […]

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A mutant enzyme kills plastic bottle for good – and too good to be true

Reported by the Guardian, from a giant Japanese plastic dump, scientists have discovered a species of bugs that consume on plastic bottles. This newly-involved bacteria emerged from the process of plastic waste decompose. Now, this could be a breakthrough towards our dilemma of global plastic pollution crisis. An enzyme appears out of nowhere According to […]

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The short answer is yes. It is, and it will remain a noteworthy term in the market of plastic application for decade later. According to the newest report from Business Wire, the masterbatch market has reached $16 billion dollar in the year 2016, almost double the size of the silicone market (GVR, 2017). Plastic packaging […]

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Pressure to reduce consumption of single-use plastic packaging will continue into 2019

It’s not hard to pinpoint the trends and issues that will impact the plastics industry in 2019—in many cases, they will be the same challenges that the industry has faced for the past two decades. While plastics usage in durable goods isn’t so much a focus of those wanting to rid the world of plastic […]

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Filler polyolefins

The significance of polyolefins – PP, PE

Why are polyolefins – based materials important enough to focus on as a distinct segment of the plastic industry? Plastic would not be so basic in day by day life notwithstanding the advances behind one general group of polymers: polyolefins. Since World War II, day by day life in both industrialized and creating nations has […]

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