The best plastic filler for plastic industry

What is the best filler for plastic? [Update 2021]

Among many choices of plastic fillers, how to figure out the best filler for your plastic? In fact, each type of plastic filler suits best with specific resins, which means plastic firms need to consider some factors such as the end-product’s mechanical properties, purpose, production cost,…before choosing the most appropriate plastic fillers. As plastic fillers […]

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Blowing film resin – which is the most effective?

Blowing film is one of the most popular methods of film manufacture. However, it’s not an easy mission to choose the right blowing film resin because each product requires specific properties, which leads to different input materials. So how exactly do we find the correct ones? Let’s hammer out in this article! 1. What is […]

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Top 3 industries that benefit most from filler masterbatch

In Vietnam, 80% of input raw materials for the plastic industry is imported, making it extremely uncertain and risky for domestic manufacturers. In that situation, filler masterbatch has emerged as an effective solution to address the root of input materials problem as well as improving product competitiveness. Let’s discover top 3 industries that benefit most […]

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Single-use plastics – 5 misperceptions about the environmental impacts

For many years, humans have been blaming single-use plastic for causing severe pollution to the environment. However, according to a new research published on Oct. 26 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, the environmental impacts of single-use plastic are exaggerated. Stepping into 2021, people’s awareness regarding environmental problems has increased remarkably, thus driving consumers to […]

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plastic bottle manufacture

Design of Plastic Products (part 1): The holistic design approach

There are 4 principle elements to a successful plastic product: material selection, part design, tooling, and processing. Typically, product designers are effective part designers but have limited background in the other disciplines.  This leads to products which are more expensive than necessary and difficult to manufacture—which also increases the cost.  Many companies have solved this […]

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Anti-blocking and Slip agent: 4 selecting criteria

Anti-blocking agents roughen the surface of the film to create a spacing effect.  Self-adhesion is an undesirable situation when using LLDPE and LDPE film. Anti-blocking additives like other plastic raw materials are melted into the thermoplastics directly or in use of a masterbatch. Therefore, an anti-blocking additive is developed to make a slight surface roughness. […]

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Flame Retardant in daily use

Flame retardant additives: Essential safety materials (2020)

Flame retardants are in a unique position among plastics additives in that they are both created by regulations and yet are threatened by other regulations. They are expensive and lower the physical properties of the plastics in which they are employed.  On the other hand, environmental and toxicity concerns now have regulators looking at the […]

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Bioplastics: Bio-based polymer is the future of plastics material

Food products are fundamentally packaged to ensure them from outside environmental factors and to give product information to the buyers.  Traceability, convenience, and many more important reasons. Materials that have been generally utilized in food packaging: glass, metal, paper and paperboard, and plastics.  Why don’t we use something more environment-friendly materials? Like bioplastics? Traditional materials […]

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POLYMER COMPOSITES improves sustainable buildings and house interior

Benefits of plastics in building construction, and house interior design Generally speaking, plastics components offer great practical solutions. It not only saves a ton of money to produce than alternatives, even in tailor-made form. Plastics also can be moulded that means plastics can be combined to many other components, making plastics fabulous. 3 informations that […]

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