filler masterbatch ứng dụng màn phản quang

BIO filler masterbatch – effective solution for mulching film production

Filler masterbatch is an important product in the plastics industry that brings a multitude of valuable applications in human daily life. Mulch film is a popular application of filler masterbatch in agriculture which is very useful for farmers. However, this product caused a contradictory controversy since a large amount of plastic will be discharged into […]

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plastic masterbatch in 3D printing

How is masterbatch plastic applied in 3D printing – A great technology in industry?

Masterbatch plastic is an obvious material in plastic industry nowadays. Masterbatch plastic has contributed in the development of human society by being the source for generating various products serving for both daily life and the industries. That’s the main reason for scientists to constantly pay efforts in studying how to improve this material and apply […]

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blowing film masterbatch manufacturing

6 common methods applied in plastic and masterbatch manufacturing

Masterbatch manufacturing is the core of masterbatch and plastic industry. Masterbatch manufacturing comprises of several technologies that may confuses newbies. However, if you want to be a master in plastic industry, you need to fully understand these processes. Here are the most common methods that are widely used in masterbatch producing. Injection Molding – the […]

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hạt nhựa gỗ compound

Is masterbatches and wood the best combination for Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)?

From masterbatches, wood powder and plastic additives we can generate a new material called Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) – the perfect choice for the construction industry. The combination of masterbatches, wood pulp and additives to create WPC – Wood Plastic Composite is a big progress in the material industry. The mixture of masterbatches, wood power […]

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europlas master batch company

Oil price, plastic cost, filler: how industries interweave

What is the relationship between oil price and plastic cost and which role of filler in this circle? The unpredictability of oil prices across global What have people thought when US president Trump announced to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal? Politicians worried about Iran’s regional wars, human right activists concerned about terrorism, citizen […]

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top 5 masterbatch manufacturer

Towards a circular economy: what awaits us in 2020?

In the analysis of PlasticEurope Outlook, 2018, the development of a circular economy is at the heart of its debate. Economic circulation has become not only a trend of the plastic industry but also of the global economy. Linear economy vs Circular Economy Circular economy is the term to call an “closed” economic system of […]

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plastic masterbatch factory

The Difference between Extrusion Blow Molding and Injection Molding

The Difference between Extrusion Blow Molding and Injection Molding There are not one, but several methods can be used to form plastic bottle and containers, among these the most common terms are Extrusion Blow Molding and Injection Molding. Both are processes to produce plastic parts, both requires the input of melted polymer into a metal […]

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spacesuit master batch

5 innovative inventions from plastic

  5 innovative plastic-made inventions Plastic is, by all means, the devil we befriend. For all the call of environmentalists about banning plastic use for goods, it remains as the truth that humans can’t separate their daily life from plastic. They are parts of our cars, our homes. They are what keep our food fresh […]

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Bullet-proof is actually made of plastic

On 27/2/2019, Hanoi hosted the summit between two of the world’s most infamous leaders: President Donald Trump of the USA and president Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Even though the visit of President Kim, as normally, was shrouded by mystery, there is one image that takes the world by storm. This green train is […]

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Color masterbatch manufactured by EuP

The challenge of coloring plastic

Almost all the plastic products consumers’ use today have a touch of color in them. Color is not there only for aesthetic purpose, they function as a method to differentiate product’s categories, models and sizes. Because colored plastic is such a common practice, it leads to an assumption that plastic coloring is a simple process. […]

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