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Polymer or resin – which one is more popular for plastic raw material?

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As regards to plastic raw material industry, the most basic plastic raw material worldwide could be named as resin or polymer as we usually refer. However, the question arises is which one is more popular and as if there is another more popular name, then which that is.

The survey of plastic raw material

For that reason, EuP Group has proceeded a survey with the size of respondent up to 500 ones for answering almost the vital concerns as in the plastic industry always seeking the answer. In the article, we will exact some interesting key figures relate directly to the name of the most basic plastic raw material around the world.

The nationality and region that this survey has been conducted are somewhat taken place all over the world. We have picked some typical nations that play the most authority role in the main given region. For example, in the North America, then the United State, Canada, and Mexico are the three main countries we take for measuring.

Polymer or resin - which one is more popular for plastic raw material?

Resin – the plastic raw material

The terminology of raw material plastic in our industry has emerged as the pioneer in our conduction from the beginning and stayed there with the persuasive answer of respondents. For more detailed, as the conception at college, over a half of respondents mention the term “resin” when answering our question of the raw plastic material’s name as their colleague hood through terminology of plastic or packaging material subject.

J.K at Leeds, UK said that: “Resin is what I think about as the answer right now, that is somewhat like amber as the rawest and natural thing in plastic industry in compare to polymer”.

As similar to JK, another comment as: “Resin is what I know from the packaging subject at school till now”. Even the difference of country, another one come from Egg Harbor of New Jersey also said: “Resin is the answer, this is what I have learned from the very start and as the one, I have learned most frequently”.

Another spotted idea has come out more technical explanation as “Polymer looks like describing the plastic raw material as a macromolecular state when resin describes the plastic raw material in a bulk and solid forms”.

Including the 51% of respondents who follow the answer of resin name, one said “resin includes but not limited to additives, compounds, filler masterbatch and more than just one type of polymer. For instance, ABS resin has butadiene polymer and acrylonitrile polymer as constituents”.

Polymer – the plastic raw material

Polymer answer takes almost a half of the answer when it takes exactly 42% of the total number of over 500 respondents. The respondents who reiterated their support for polymer name as the official name of the plastic raw material with better descriptor as the scientific reasons through various cases.

“Resin could not cover all the variety of types of plastic raw material whereas polymer can be seen as could cover all the gamut of them as well”.

Another supportive respondent said that “I am working in a packaging factory, then the answer of me is polymer when it makes me think about the finished packaging and resin and indicates the exact raw material of plastic. For me, polymer sounds seem to fit well in the case, which is pretty cool when you add the word “matrix” after polymer but cannot with resins because of its sound like does not flow like polymer matrix sound like”.

A German respondent also stated that “I was a polymer scientist by training, then in my career sector, I prefer the term of Polymer as the key functional component whereas resin is just a polymer additive not cover the full version of it”.

Just only 4% of the respondent who says either another name or just “do not know” the answer, that might be quite strange to them as they do not exactly work in the plastic industry or just do not care much about one of the most functional material – polymer or someone fancy call resin.



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