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ABS 7003 Compound

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Europlas ABS 7003 Compound introduction

Europlas ABS 7003 Compound is made from ABS carrier resin, filler, high quality colour powder and other additives. Using ABS 7003 Compound brings many advantages. It helps to improve the hardness and the surface features such as physical or chemical durability of plastic products as well as keeping production costs down.


What is ABS?

ABS plastic is a thermoplastic whose name in its entirety is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

  • Acrylonitrile is an important compound that is used to create polyacrylonitrile, a plastic that is used to make tents and sails for boats. When its fibers were spun it became one of our first acrylics. Dupont used some of the copolymers to create the fabric called Orlon.
  • Butadiene is a monomer that results in synthetic rubber. While butadiene alone is so soft it is almost a liquid, when it is combined with other materials, such as styrene or acrylonitrile it becomes more durable and almost elastic in consistency.
  • Styrene is an oily liquid that had its origins as the resin that came from trees in Turkey. Although small amounts of styrene can be found in many plants and foods, like cinnamon, it was the Oriental sweetgum trees where it had its beginnings.


Type of ABS 7003 Compound

  • ABS compound with Glass Fiber (10/20/30/40%), Glass Bead
  • ABS compound with Carbon Black conductive
  • ABS blend PC with Fiber Glass


Europlas ABS 7003 Compound characteristics

  • High impact properties
  • Good thermal and dimensional stability
  • Good scratch resistance
  • Good electrical insulative properties
  • Maximum operating temperature +180°F


Applications of using ABS 7003 Compound in plastic industry

  • Injection molding.
  • Produce heaters, helmets, kid’s toys,..


Why should you choose Europlas ABS 7003 Compound?

We are proud to be one of the pioneering manufacturers in supplying Compound because we have:

  • Skilled technology team to service all customers throughout the world
  • Samples with free of charge
  • 100 % quality check before shipment
  • Competitive price and delivery in time
  • Low MOQ with customized order is welcomed
  • One stop service and after service consistence

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