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Anti-Blocking Additive

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What kind of anti-blocking additive do we deliver?

In manufacturing and processing plastic applications, it usually occurs blocking situation which is the adhesion between polymer film layers, that complicates the separating of them. In this case, plastic producers prefer to use Anti-blocking Additive.

As the prestigious manufacturer for plastic producers. EuP Anti-blocking additives prevent blocking and tackling with the production and further processing of films, coatings, as well as coextrusion layers. This additive creates an even micro-rough surface which reduces the direct contact surfaces and acts the as the spacer between the film surfaces.


Advantages of using anti-blocking additive in your products

At EuP, our anti-blocking additives take advantage of reducing blocking at the surface of polymer films and other plastic articles in order to allow easier processing and handling as preventing the ability of adhesion of surfaces. By the development of the technology of manufacturing, our anti-blocking additive ensures higher film clarity with lower usage levels. Even though with the high temperature, pressure, and processing period, the assistance of our anti-blocking additives will prevent the ability of sticking together of your films as well as your products.


Applications of anti-blocking additive in plastic production

EuP Anti-blocking Additive is widely applied in the production of film packing for PE film packing, CPP, BOPP film.

With many years of expertise, we will advise on which anti-blocking additives are suitable to use, how to use it and in what quantities, to optimize it for both your production process and performance as well as the final end users application. Please contact us for more information and receive the best solution for your products.


Medical Norm: Attain the Safety Norm for Health and Foodstuff issued by Vietnam Directorate for Standards and Quality allow the decision 3339/2001/QD-BYT promulgated by Vietnam Ministry of Health. Safety apply for handling process. No healthy damage infected.


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