masterbatch injection molding 2

Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch and 4 most well-known applications

Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch is considered as the most preeminet material in plastic production. Calcium carbonate filler has various applications with a wide range of products generated from. Here are outstanding features and 4 most well-known applications of this masterbatch. What is calcium carbonate filler masterbatch? An overall information of this EuP’s flagship product Calcium […]

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masterbatch plastic

Comparison between masterbatch plastic in HDPE, MDPE, LDPE and LLDPE base resin

Masterbatch plastic made from PE base resin is a common material in plastic industry. In order to satisfy the dramatically increasing demands of using masterbatch plastic, manufacturers have paid a lot of efforts on researching and establishing more advanced materials. LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE and HDPE are the sub-group of the giant PE masterbatch family. This […]

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color masterbatch with special effects

Color masterbatch with special effects suitable for the diversity of uses

Color masterbatch with basic colors are a familiar product in the plastic manufacturing industry. However, recently, the aesthetic needs of people do not only stop at the basic colors. Therefore, color masterbatch with special effects and colors appear to address these diverse needs of users. This article will give you information on some of the […]

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filler masterbatch ứng dụng màn phản quang

BIO filler masterbatch – effective solution for mulching film production

Filler masterbatch is an important product in the plastics industry that brings a multitude of valuable applications in human daily life. Mulch film is a popular application of filler masterbatch in agriculture which is very useful for farmers. However, this product caused a contradictory controversy since a large amount of plastic will be discharged into […]

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sodium sulfate filler masterbatch

Sodium sulfate filler masterbatch – a “high-end” product of EuP

Filler masterbatch containing sodium sulfate (transparent Na2SO4 filler masterbatch) is a high end quality product belonging to the transparent fillers category beside Talc and Barium Sulfate masterbatch. This article aims to give our Customers a board view on this product. Overview of filler masterbatch containing sodium sulfate The most important component of this filler masterbatch […]

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talc filler masterbatch of eup

What is talc filler masterbatch? How was it produced and applied?

Filler masterbatch – products not to be missed when mentioning Europlas brand Filler masterbatch is considered as a typical product of European Plastic Company EuP. Within the circumstance that prices are escalated and the economy gets harder, using fillers for plastic in plastic production is an effective solution because it helps manufacturers to save a […]

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color concentrates for plastics

Color concentrates for plastics and the diversity of choice in EuP

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Color concentrates for plastics category under brand name EuroPlas consists 10 different types. EuP is proud to introduce you our high-quality color concentrates for plastics – Color masterbatch. Taking advantages from having the high-quality materials, a technical team with […]

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Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch

What is calcium carbonate filler? What characteristics do they have?

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Calcium carbonate filler (CaCO3 filler, also known as calcium carbonate masterbatch) has always been the most commonly used filler in the plastic industry and their position has never declined during the years despite the processing and modifying technologies have […]

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biomates filler masterbatch

BiOMates – EuroPlas filler masterbatch that is friendly to the environment

Bio filler masterbatch is one of EuP’s improved products. From the trend of limiting the use of non-biodegradable products, bio plastic was created to meet the needs of civilized users as well as to solve pollution problems. As consequences to the appearance of bio plastic, bio filler masterbatch – one of the raw materials for […]

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