7 most common additive masterbatch in plastic industry you must know

Masterbatch is becoming the indispensible material in the 21th century. It’s hard to imagine a life without additive masterbatch and because the plastic industry is very important to us, having profound knowledge on additives not only keeps this industry continuously developing but also supports other industries. What is additive masterbatch and its importance in manufacturing […]

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colorant for plastic

The excellent colorant for plastic is the color masterbatch of EuP

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Colorant for plastic is properly the most popular additives added into the process of plastic manufacturing. Colorant for plastic is necessary in bringing an attractive appearance to the plastic products. They are variable in types (pigments, dyes, etc.) and […]

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calcium carbonate filler

How does calcium carbonate filler benefit to the plastic industry?

Calcium carbonate filler is one of the most innovative solutions ever developed in this industry. Calcium carbonate filler not only functions in improving the quality of final plastic products but also helps plastic manufacturer reduce as much production cost as possible, hence gain more profits. Let us provide you a deep insight on this special […]

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filler masterbatch and base resin

From plastic to filler masterbatch: What is the difference and how was it produced?

Filler masterbatch is the main product of EuP. Filler masterbatch is also a vital component in various industries requiring the association of plastic. Plastic, ever since its invention, has become a vital material in the economic and societal development of almost every country in various regions worldwide. Nowadays, myriad of features in daily life of […]

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hạt nhựa gỗ compound

Is masterbatches and wood the best combination for Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)?

From masterbatches, wood powder and plastic additives we can generate a new material called Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) – the perfect choice for the construction industry. The combination of masterbatches, wood pulp and additives to create WPC – Wood Plastic Composite is a big progress in the material industry. The mixture of masterbatches, wood power […]

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hạt nhựa filler masterbatch trong sản xuất bao bì

Why did filler masterbatch become the best solution in plastic packaging production?

Filler masterbatch – One of the most interesting materials Beside the traditional materials such as metal (iron, steel, copper, etc.), glass and wood, filler masterbatch and plastic in general, are widely applied in daily life with an affordable price when it comes to consumers. Filler masterbatch is used in many industries such as plastic pipes, electronic […]

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europlas color masterbatch

What is color masterbatch and how was masterbatch produced?

Color masterbatch is an important group in product categories of EuP. Color masterbatch under brand-name EuroPlas is diversified in design and type, which promisingly satisfy all requirements of Customers. Let’s take an in-deep look into this fantastic material and the masterbatch manufacturing process! How does color masterbatch benefit the plastic manufacturing field? Using color masterbatch […]

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