filler masterbatch and its applications

Classifications of Filler Masterbatch

Traditionally, most fillers were considered as a child category of additives because they affect nothing or even decrease the strength of the polymer. Their main usage purpose is reducing the cost of input materials by replacing expensive polymers. Besides, they probably fasten molding cycles. Other plastic properties could be changed, depending on which type of […]

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masterbatch injection molding 2

Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch and 4 most well-known applications

Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch is considered as the most preeminet material in plastic production. Calcium carbonate filler has various applications with a wide range of products generated from. Here are outstanding features and 4 most well-known applications of this masterbatch. What is calcium carbonate filler masterbatch? An overall information of this EuP’s flagship product Calcium […]

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