Europlas color masterbatch

A Primer on Colorful Additives

The melt coloring of plastics is one of the most functional value added features a resin producer, compounder, or parts fabricator can impart to their products. It not only provides desired appearance properties that help sell the product, but it can also enhance several other properties, such as stability toward UV light. In addition, melt […]

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color concentrates for plastics is faded

What makes color concentrates for plastics faded and how to prevent it?

Color concentrates for plastics play an important role in contributing the value of a plastic product by bringing the diversity of choice to end users. However, in some cases, these color concentrates for plastics are easily faded, especially under the pressure of harsh conditions. But what was the exact causes of fading phenomenon happened in […]

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color masterbatch with special effects

Color masterbatch with special effects suitable for the diversity of uses

Color masterbatch with basic colors are a familiar product in the plastic manufacturing industry. However, recently, the aesthetic needs of people do not only stop at the basic colors. Therefore, color masterbatch with special effects and colors appear to address these diverse needs of users. This article will give you information on some of the […]

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