black masterbatch

EuroPlas black masterbatch and the standardized production procedure of EuP

Black masterbatch is the familiar product in both industrial production and our daily life with numerous applications, ranging from basic to complex. But have you ever wondered how the black masterbatch was produced? Keep reading to the end of this article to see how the process of masterbatches production works! Black masterbatch production with continuous […]

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filler masterbatch ứng dụng màn phản quang

BIO filler masterbatch – effective solution for mulching film production

Filler masterbatch is an important product in the plastics industry that brings a multitude of valuable applications in human daily life. Mulch film is a popular application of filler masterbatch in agriculture which is very useful for farmers. However, this product caused a contradictory controversy since a large amount of plastic will be discharged into […]

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