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Top 5 largest plastic additives companies in Vietnam [Update 2021]

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Plastic additives have become one of the most vital components helping end-products achieve expected properties. As the use of them heavily depends on required characteristics of finished-products, it is important for customers to find competent plastic additives companies who are able to provide you with customized plastic additives. So, let’s discover the top 5 largest Vietnamese plastic additives companies in this article.

Plastic additives are a combination of organic or inorganic compounds which are added into plastic to enhance specific properties or functionalities for plastic products. The use of plastic additives has really revolutionized the plastic industry as for a long period, plastic products are mainly created by the mixture of a few natural materials. These components, to some extent, are able to meet most of human’s needs. However, the increasing demands for more complicated functionalities have offered new challenges for plastic enterprises. For instance, not only was a plastic pipe able to contain and deliver sewage, but it must also be chemical resistant, durable and flexible. That gradually paves the way for the application of plastic additives. Back to the topic, what are the top 5 largest Vietnamese plastic additives companies?

1. Dai A Plastic Joint Stock Company

Website: daplast.com.vn

Dai A Plastic is one of the leading Vietnamese plastic additives companies

Dai A Plastic is one of the leading Vietnamese plastic additives companies. Founded in 2012, Dai A has gradually won customer’s trust thanks to its highly qualified engineers, modern technology and excellent initiative. Additives are one of the best sellers of Dai A Plastic, ranging from UV stabilizer, antistatic additive, anti-block additive, desiccant additive to slip agent,… Each type of additive is developed based on specìfic formulation which is customized to exactly fit with customers’ requirements. Thereby, the proportion of ingredients is extremely accurate, thus helping additives work efficiently.

2. Sunrise Colours Vietnam

Website: sunrisecolour.com

One of the noticeable Vietnamese plastic additives companies is Sunrise Colours

One of the noticeable Vietnamese plastic additives companies is Sunrise Colours Vietnam. With 20 years of experience, Sunrise Color is the leading supplier of tailor made color masterbatch and additives for plastic flooring manufacturers. Some common additives products of Sunrise Color include UV resistance, anti static additives, anti-block additives, clarifying additives, whitening agent,…These additives impress by their high-quality, competitive price and perfect match with most plastic resins, thus reinforcing end-products’ quality without degrading their original properties.

3. Lam Long Corp

Website: lamlongcorp.com

Established in 1993, Lam Long Trading Company Limited is one of the leading distributors in Vietnamese market of masterbatches, chemicals and additives for plastics industry, tyres, intestines for automobiles. Unlike other Vietnamese plastic additives companies, Lam Long Co is an authorized distributor of Cabot Corporation, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Inheriting the state of the art technology along with experienced engineers and high-quality materials, Lam Long Corp has provided thousands of customers with excellent additives enhancing their end-products’ competitiveness. 

4. Polymer Asia 

Website: polymerasia.com

Polymer Asia is a joint venture between Vietnamese companies and European investors, which is based in Ho Chi Minh city. Taking advantage of German technology knowhow and high-quality materials, Polymer Asia has become one of the largest plastic additives companies as its additives can easily meet all customer’s requirements regarding products’ technical properties and durability. Polymer Asia products are widely used in many industries, especially electricity, transportation, automotive, office devices and household appliances,…

5. European Plastic Company

Website: europlas.com.vn

It would be such a big mistake if the name European Plastic Company (EuP) was missed in this list. Established in 2007, EuP initially started its business in filler masterbatch manufacturing. After nearly 14 years of development, EuroPlas filler masterbatch has now become the top 5 most popular brand name in the calcium carbonate filler global market. Also, this success paved the way for the development of other products including color masterbatch, plastic additives, compounds and bioplastic products. In which, plastic additives have embraced customer’s welcome with enthusiasm. 

EuroPlas plastic additives

EuroPlas additives are provided for customers in a wide variety of categories such as UV stabilizer, anti static additives, clarifying additives, antiblock additives, processing aid, desiccant, brightening additives,…These diversity has brought customers various additives choices that are eligible to meet their requirements. Besides, thanks to materials area advantage and advanced technology, EuP confidently provides customers with top-quality plastic additives, which makes it one of the largest plastic additives companies in Vietnam.

Why choose EuroPlas additives?

Tailor-made solution

Customer’s end-products are carefully researched to accurately figure out the technical properties as well as expected functionalities. Base on this, EuP’s experts hammer out an appropriate formulation for plastic additives to ensure that it perfectly matches with the end-products. Thereby, the same type of plastic additives vary among different end-products.  

Multi-channel tests 

After being developed, sample materials are tested in the laboratory regarding mechanical properties and other relevant criteria such as durability, flexibility, impact resistance,… This is conducted to ensure that they can fully meet standard requirements. Subsequently, these materials are also sent to customers to directly test on production lines. End-products are then checked regarding multiple criteria to decide whether these materials are eligible. This testing system is carried out strictly to create highest-quality outputs, thus meeting customers’ expectations. 

Sample materials are tested in the laboratory regarding mechanical properties and other relevant criteria

Competitive price

Thanks to the advantage of material area and advanced technology, EuP is able to remain plastic additives’ stability. There is no worry for customers to buy additives at a higher price, which is very important especially in the context of post Covid-19 and global market’s uncertainties. That also creates a plus point for EuP compared to other plastic additives companies.

Various choices

EuP provides customers with diverse choices of additives such as UV stabilizer, anti static additives, clarifying additives, antiblock additives, processing aid, desiccant, brightening additives,… The number of products is increasing significantly thanks to our constant research activities. Moreover, customers can suggest us to develop a brand new model to fit with their demand. Currently, our additives are available in a wide range of industries like construction, packaging, household appliances,…, thus being able to bring customers in all industries many types of products that perfectly meet their demands. 

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