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What kind of plastic masterbatch did EuP brought to K-FAIR 2019?

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Plastic masterbatch manufacturers around the world are craving for a spot in K-FAIR 2019. It is expected to be a perfect opportunity for companies to introduce their plastic masterbatch products to the global market.  Check it out what did EuP brought to the world largest fair in rubber and plastic industry this year?

K-FAIR 2019 – The world largest exhibition for plastic masterbatch manufacturers

It is no doubt that almost plastic masterbatch manufacturers get familiar with the K-FAIR, which is the largest Plastic & Rubber Exhibition & Fair in the world. The event was firstly organized in 1952 and is held every 3 years. K-FAIR attracts the participation of numerous manufacturers, suppliers and retailers operating in the plastic industry with the expectation that it will facilitate trading activities.

Following the regular 3-year routine, this year K-FAIR 2019 will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The main activities such as exhibitions are going to be displayed from 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM in 8 days, starting from October 16th to October 23rd, 2019. The fair is divided into many regions with different topics specified for over 3,200 manufacturers and suppliers attending. The world’s largest plastic masterbatch is expected to attract more than 232,000 attendees.

kfair 2019 europlas

EuP considers participating K-FAIR is a chance to meet up with global market

Following the tradition of attending previous K-FAIR periods, this year, EuP brings to K-FAIR 2019 the most professional staffs with the desire to be able to introduce to friends near and far, especially foreign partners, the most quality products in plastic masterbatch field that we have developed over the years. We are delighted to receive the precious attention of many people as well as many visitors visiting the company’s booth at Hall 7.2 / D19.

plastic masterbatch k-fair 2019
plastic masterbatch k-fair 2019

Not only plastic masterbatch, meet our new technical compound with brand-name BiOnext

Coming to K-FAIR 2019, beside our variety kinds of Europlas plastic masterbatch, EuP also launched the newly developed and completed BiOplastic Compound product line bearing the BiOnext brand. We expected this product will be the highlight of EuP in K-FAIR 2019. BiOnext is used in various industries with the main purpose of which used as raw materials to produce plastic products with biodegradability. BiOnext has advanced properties of compostable, biodegradable – which turn them into a very environmental-friendly material.

bionext kfair 2019

Review other plastic masterbatch products EuP introduced at K-FAIR

In addition, EuP’s booth at K-FAIR this year certainly cannot lack of the presence of the familiar EuroPlas-brand products that have made the reputation of the leading plastic masterbatch manufacturer in Vietnam such as filler masterbatch, BIO filler (used as a filler in the production of biodegradable products), technical plastic compound, color masterbatch, especially Bio Masterbatch – a material used to color bioplastic products.

Filler masterbatch has always been the key product of EuP ever since the company was established in 2007. Taking the huge advantage of having material resources nearby with abundant CaCO3 powder reserves at limestone quarries, filler plastic masterbatch of EuroPlas is certified to have high quality and adapt the European standards. Along with color masterbatch, filler masterbatch is a promising solution for plastic-based product manufacturers around the world to cut down the production costs up to 50-60%.

filler masterbatch europlas kfair 2019

Besides the BiOnext, BIO filler masterbatch under brand-name BIOMATES is also another biodegradable product EuP brought to K-FAIR 2019. All BIOMATES masterbatch is certified OK Compost by VINCOTTE to be 100% biodegradable, making them the perfect solution for produce mulch films, shopping bags, food wrap films, etc. And when combined with the Bio Masterbatch, every bioplastic product becomes more perfect, making a positive contribution to the colorful plastics’ world.

Summarize EuP’s activities at plastic masterbatch K-FAIR 2019

So far in the framework of this exhibition and fair event, both BiOnext and EuroPlas products have been received generous attention of guests attending the fair. Our team including the leader board and staffs is very pleased with this result. We hope that by attending this world-class event, we could have a chance to impress other manufactures around the world with our qualified plastic masterbatch. Moreover, we’d love to cooperate and sign many valuable contracts with partners coming from all over the world.



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