Moisture exists in everything, and polymer material is no exception. Especially in technical resins, moisture may cause fish eye and surface defects on final products. Desiccant additive is added to formula to absorb moisture in the plastic materials, thereby limiting common errors in processing (bubbles, fisheyes, ...) and improving the quality of the end-product.

Desiccant masterbatches from Europlas contains Calcium Oxide (CaO), which is a strong water absorber. In polymer processing, Calcium Oxide disperses, eliminates moisture, and prevents phenomena such as fisheye. It also solves moisture problems in extrusion (blow film, film casting, blow molding, etc.) and injection molding. Especially for recycled plastic, it helps remove moisture and cuts out the oxidizing effect that occurs during the recycling of the polymer. Below are some outstanding features of desiccant additive masterbatch:


  • Absorb moisture in the raw materials, thereby limiting common errors in processing (bubbles, fisheyes, ...)
  • High level of compatibility
  • Great dispersion
  • Improve the processing efficiency
Technical specifications
  • Storage: kept in dry condition
  • Delivery: made by sea or air transportation based on both parties's agreement
  • Recommended usage rate: 1 - 2%


Blown films
Injection molding