Plastic additives

Material solution improves production efficiency and end-products' functions


Plastic products are used in many industries because they are cheap and easy to process. However, not all plastics have the necessary properties from the start. To solve this problem, today plastic manufacturers have invented many types of plastic additives with many different features. So what are plastic additives?

Plastic additives are substances added during the production process to improve processing efficiency and create desired properties for the finished product. They make the manufacturing process more efficient by reducing friction between the material and the manufacturing machines. In addition, plastic additives can enhance the physicochemical resistance of plastic to the environment, increasing the durability and longevity of plastic.

As one of the trusted plastic additives suppliers, EuroPlas supplies a list of plastic additives, including deodorizing/odor removing additives, desiccant additives, flame retardant additives, anti-fog additives, anti-aging additives, processing aids, anti-static additives, Anti-UV additives and additives to increase clarity and brightness. EuroPlas will help you choose the right additive type and usage rate to create the final product according to your requirements. Learn more about the details of each type of plastic additive below:

  • Help end-products achieve required mechanical and aesthetic properties 
  • Improve end-products' durability and longevity
  • Enhance manufacturing efficiency
  • No impact on end-products' mechanical properties


Plastic exteriors
Home appliances
Mobile charger
Power socket
Electronic components
Artificial grass
Stadium chairs
Cars' interiors and exteriors
Textile packaging