Anti-blocking additive

Anti-blocking additive is used to reduce the friction between two adjacent film layers during the blown film process, thus improving end-products' quality and effectiveness.


Polyolefin films often have a tendency to stick together, which can create issues during film processing and handling. This problem is caused by the film's high coefficient of friction, which makes it difficult for the layers to slide past each other. To address this issue, anti-blocking additives can be used. Anti-blocking additives, also known as anti-block agents, are materials that are added to polyolefin films to reduce the coefficient of friction on the film surface. 

Europlas has over 15 years of experience in the plastic industry, specializing in providing high-quality anti-blocking additives. Our additives are carefully chosen to reduce the coefficient of friction on the film surface, improving handling and processing while maintaining optical properties.


  • Reduce the blocking on the films surface, resulting in more efficient processing
  • Ensure the level of transparency of the films
Technical specifications
  • Storage: kept in dry condition
  • Delivery: made by sea or air transportation based on both parties' agreement 
  • Recommended usage rate: 1 - 2%


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