Bio filler

Cost-effective material solution for bioplastic end-products


BiOMates is a biodegradable filler made from bioplastic, modified CaCO3 powder and dispersion aids.

Biofiller, used as a cost-saving solution in the processing of bioplastic products. Using biofiller not only helps businesses save production costs, but also improves some properties of the finished product (increasing gloss, film hardness,...). Thereby improving the competitiveness of finished products.

Over time, EuP has successfully developed diverse biofiller product lines, serving many uses: BiOMates 01, BiOMates 02, and BiOMates 03. Each product line has a unique structure to suit the customers’ requirements.

With outstanding advantages, BiOMates is a suitable choice for producing environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable packaging, injection molding and single-use plastic extrusion products. Learn more about the features of our biodegradable filler below.

  • Save production cost for bioplastic end-products
  • Improve several properties of end-products: stiffness, gloss,...
  • Biodegradable
  • Act as anti-block and slipping agent in blown film


Single-use plastic extrusion
Injection molding
Biodegradable film