Color masterbatch

Material solution enhances end-products' aestheticity by providing exact color


Color masterbatch is a raw material used to create color for plastic products, thereby meeting aesthetic requirements. The production process starts from mixing high-quality pigments, base resin and some special additives, through the granulation process to produce the final product - color masterbatches.

The biggest advantage of EuroPlas color masterbatch is its excellent dispersion on the surface of the finished product, stable color shade and good heat resistance. Besides, processing color masterbatch also creates less dust, does not pollute the air, and reduces loss rate compared to pigment powder. Thereby improving processing efficiency, saving time and production costs.

Thanks to its outstanding advantages, EuroPlas color masterbatch has been used in industrial activities such as film blowing, injection molding, extrusion, and other applications. As a trusted color masterbatch supplier, EuroPlas is providing different color masterbatches such as white, black, red, gray, purple, blue, brown, orange, and yellow. We also provide specialized color masterbatch products with diverse effects according to the requirements of the finished product.

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  • Create exact colors as end-products' requirements
  • Great dispersion
  • High color fastness and good thermal resistance
  • Environmental friendly
  • Various color choices 


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