Orange masterbatch

Orange masterbatch is used to create orange color for end-products. It is in the form of a concentrated color granule made of orange pigment, resin and suitable additives. 


Orange masterbatch is a type of color masterbatch used in the plastic industry to provide a vibrant orange color to plastic products. It is made up of a high concentration of orange pigment along with resins and plastic additives to improve the properties of the final product. The plastic additives added to orange masterbatch may include UV resistance, flame retardants, or anti-static agents.

Orange masterbatch is highly compatible with various primary resins, providing a cost-effective solution to create orange color in various plastic products. It is commonly used in the production of automotive parts, household appliances, and packaging materials. Orange masterbatch also helps to enhance the properties of the end products, such as improving their resistance to environmental factors and prolonging their lifespan.

At EuroPlas, we offer premium quality orange masterbatch that delivers consistent and vibrant orange color to your plastic products. Our masterbatch is carefully formulated to be highly compatible with your primary resin, providing good dispersion and optimal performance. With over 15 years of experience in the plastic manufacturing industry, we are committed to delivering high-quality and cost-effective color masterbatch solutions to meet your unique production needs. Choose EuroPlas for the most compatible and supreme quality orange masterbatch.


  • Create orange color for end-products 
  • Good dispersion
  • High heat resistance and color fastness
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Various color choices based on customers' requirements
Technical specificationsDownloadcloud_download
  • Color: Orange
  • Additives: Dispersion additives, processing aid,…
  • Processing temperature: 140 - 200°C
  • Particle size: 3 (± 0,3) mm
  • Package: 25kg PP/PE bag
  • Storage: kept in dry condition
  • Recommended usage rate: 2 - 5%


Home interiors
Injection molded items
Blowing films