As the world's No. 1 filler masterbatch manufacturer, EuroPlas proudly brings customers unique plastic raw material solutions to help their factories optimize production costs and improve the competitiveness on the market.

Bioplastic compound

Green material solution enables end-products to be biodegradable within 12 months


Material solution enhances end-products' aestheticity by providing exact color


Material solution improves production effeciency and end-products' funtions

Plastic engineering

Full-function-in-one-material solution for end-products

Filler masterbatch

Cost-effective material solution for plastic enterprises

Bio filler

Cost-effective material solution for bioplastic end-products

Thousands of factories in over 85 countries have chosen EuroPlas products


Million tons/year




Years of experience
Our advantages
  • World's No 1 filler masterbatch manufacturer

  • Unique natural resources advantage

  • Leading experts in the plastic materials market

  • Tailor-made solutions for each customer

  • Cost-effective material solutions


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What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of bioplastics

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