Grey masterbatch

Gray masterbatch is made of gray pigment, resin and suitable additives. It is used to create gray color for end-products


Colors are added to plastics using pigments to create plastic goods that are more eye-catching and appropriate for their intended uses. Moreover, pigments can protect light by partially absorbing ultraviolet light, increasing the service life of plastic items. Gray masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of gray powder, base resin, and plastic additives. This color masterbatch adds vibrant gray color and advanced properties according to the additives to the initial raw material.
Excellent dispersibility, high heat resistance, and color fastness are the reason why grey masterbatch is widely used in the plastic industry. It is utilized in thermoforming, injection molded items production, and blowing films... This material helps manufacturers create end products with desired colors, characteristics, and mechanical strength at the lowest cost.

EuroPlas has taken pride in producing and supplying high-quality plastic material for more than 15 years. We offer grey masterbatch with various tones and properties suitable to customers' production requirements. Our technical staff will consult and helps you customize a masterbatch that adds an even, rigid gray color for the products. Here are some outstanding features of EuroPlas gray masterbatch:


  • Create gray color for end-products 
  • Good dispersion
  • High heat resistance and color fastness
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Various color choices based on customers' requirements
Technical specificationsDownloadcloud_download
  • Color: Gray
  • Additives: Dispersion additives, processing aid,…
  • Processing temperature: 140 - 200°C
  • Particle size: 3 (± 0,3) mm
  • Package: 25kg PP/PE bag
  • Storage: kept in dry condition
  • Recommended usage rate: 2 - 5%


Injection molded items
Blowing films