Flame retardant

Flame retardants are added to your plastic materials to reduce the ease of ignition smoke generation and the rate of burn of plastics. As a result, flame-retardant additives for plastics are essential safety materials. Transportation, building, houseware products, and electronic industries utilize this additive to prevent human injury or death and to protect property from fire damage.  

EuroPlas flame retardants offer high-impact properties, good thermal and dimensional stability, and good scratch resistance. Our product follows the UL 94: V0, V1 và V2 standard that guarantees quality for use and processing. Below are some of its superior features:


Flame retardant
  • Limit the spread of fire by working on the plastic surface
  • Good dispersion with most of standard resin
  • No mecanical degradation caused to end-products 
  • Reasonable price
  • No equipment corrosion
Technical specifications
  • Storage: kept in dry condition
  • Delivery: made by sea or air transportation based on both parties's agreement
  • Recommended usage rate: 5 - 7%


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