Anti-fog additive

Anti-fog additive plays a vital part in blowing films. It prevents the moisture condensation on the film surface, thus improving the effectiveness of the end-products


Fogging is the condition when condensed steam or moisture creates water droplets on the surface of plastic films. Fogs appear when there is a temperature difference between the interior and outside of the film. Due to scattering, they reduce the quantity of light that can pass through greenhouse film, lowering photosynthesis's efficiency. Fog can also make food packaging's film less transparent.

Anti-fog additive helps reduce the plastic surface tension, thus preventing the condensation of water on it. Surfactants in anti-fog additives migrate to the surface and change the interaction between water and plastic surfaces. This action will stop water droplets from forming, increase the plastic film's transparency and allow light to transmit more effectively.

Thanks to the advantages mentioned above, the anti-fog additive is a "hero" in agriculture. It makes mulch films more transparent and enhance light transmission. As a consequence, farmers can boost plant growth rates and crop production per plant. In addition, the anti-fog additive has many packaging applications, especially in food packaging. It helps food wrap retain its clarity so that customers can see items inside easily.

EuroPlas plastic additives are premium products with thousands of clients in more than 85 nations. With the anti-fog additive, you may improve the quality of your finished products without affecting the mechanical properties and color. Below are some significant features of this product:


  • Prevent water condensation on the plastic surface and ensuring the transparency of the plastic film
  • Suitable for using conditions
  • Appropriate amount of use (ensure travel speed)
  • Long operating time
  • Can be combined with other additives (such as anti-UV additives, antiblock, slip)
  • Does not affect the mechanical properties and color of the product
Technical specifications
  • Storage: kept in dry condition
  • Delivery: made by sea or air transportation based on both parties's agreement
  • Recommended usage rate: 1 - 7%


Food wrap
Mulch films
Food packaging film
Greenhouse film