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EuP is the top 5 CaCO3 filler masterbatches manufacturer and supplier in the world. Located in Vietnam, EuP is the leading company who has the authority of exploiting the ample High-calcium Limestone Resources of Vietnam with over hundreds years old.
Over ten years of experience, we are dedicated to providing the most appropriate and custom options for every requirement of filler, additive color masterbatches, and various ready-to-use compound.
If you are finding a long-term producer or distributor of filler masterbatches for minimizing cost as producing woven sacks, nonwoven and extrusion coating, blown film extrusion, injection, blow molding or even anti-burn at the die lips and etc.
Then, you are finding the right one!

350 000 tons
annual capacity
70 countries
400 staffs
engineers & experts
3 factories

EUP - Masterbatch Manufacturer

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Over 10 years of experience, we have received an approval to be one of the top 5 filler masterbatches manufacturers worldwide with exploration permit for Hi-Cal quarry, high-tech supply chain, and serving manner.

EuP is regarded as the one-stop-shop for all the plastics-related requirements and is known as the trustworthy supplier with the exclusive and ample material resource through the processes of blending and extrusion under the excellent heat generation of our high-end supply chain.

Our products include but not limited to hundred kinds of masterbatches. Our dedication to the requirements of every client is producing the most reasonable and time-effective with custom made options.

The plastic industry with various benefits will be exposed with our devoted engineers. For all inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you find the most appropriate solutions to each specific plastic application.


Filler Masterbatch Experts

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Mr. Ngoc Tuyen

Technical and Production Manager

+84 912590786

Mr. Van Dung

R & D Team Leader

+84 949 395 093

Ms. Ngoc Dung

Purchasing Manager

+84 904 532 589

Ms. Tram Ngo

ASEAN Sales Executive

+84 919 536 228

Ms. Hue Ha

Oversea Sales Manager

+84 919 971 945

Mr. Tuan

Northern Vietnam Sales Manager

+84 913 881 228

Mr. Vu Khanh

Oversea Deputy Sales Manager

+ 84 919 431 866

Mr. Nam

Southern Vietnam Sales Manager

+84 946 840 456


Chinese Market Sales Executive

+ 84 918 226 599

Mr. Van Xien

Asian Market Sales Executive

+ 84 917 073 262

Ms. Hanh Bui

Middle East Market Sales Executive

+84 915 579 388

Ms. Huong Nguyen

EU Sales Executive

+84 919 971 060


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