Color masterbatch

EuroPlas provides a wide variety of types of color masterbatches that fits end-products' requirements


  • Exact color as required
  • High level of compatibility with most of standard resins
  • Great dispersion on plastic surface
  • Good color fastness
  • Functionalities added (anti UV, anti aging,...)
  • Easy to store and delivery

EuroPlas provides a wide range of additives to improve a specific function of end-products.


  • Processing aid: commonly used in processing to reduce the friction between plastic and equipment surface, thus stabilizing the flow of polymer, improving productivity and quality of end-products
  • Antifog additive: used in food containers to prevent the moisture condensation on the film surface, which allows the content to be visible from outside
  • Antistatic additive: prevents the static charge build-up on plastic surface, resulting in safer and more effective manufacturing process as well as minimizing dust on end-products packaging