filler calcium carbonate

Top 3 suppliers for you to buy plastic filler calcium carbonate

As plastic filler calcium carbonate is becoming an indispensable part of plastic products manufacture, finding a trusted supplier providing high-quality plastic fillers calcium carbonate is now an essential mission for many plastic firms. In this article, let’s find out the top 3 most trusted plastic filler calcium carbonate suppliers worldwide. Plastic fillers are materials added […]

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Clear plastic filler

Where to buy high-quality clear plastic filler?

Clear plastic filler (also known as transparent filler masterbatch) is a popular component in manufacturing many plastic products. If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer to buy clear plastic filler then EuroPlas will not disapoint you due to the following advantages. For many plastic manufacturers, clear plastic filler is not an odd material which […]

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Blowing film resin – which is the most effective?

Blowing film is one of the most popular methods of film manufacture. However, it’s not an easy mission to choose the right blowing film resin because each product requires specific properties, which leads to different input materials. So how exactly do we find the correct ones? Let’s hammer out in this article! 1. What is […]

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Top 3 industries that benefit most from filler masterbatch

In Vietnam, 80% of input raw materials for the plastic industry is imported, making it extremely uncertain and risky for domestic manufacturers. In that situation, filler masterbatch has emerged as an effective solution to address the root of input materials problem as well as improving product competitiveness. Let’s discover top 3 industries that benefit most […]

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europlas compound caco3

What is filler masterbatch and how it is applied to your production?

Filler masterbatch is widely applied in many aspects in the plastic industry. So what exactly is filler masterbatch and how is it applied into plastic manufacture? Let’s discover in the article below! 1. What is filler masterbatch? Filler masterbatch is the combination of CaCO3, primary plastic resin and other special additives in accordance with customer’s […]

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filler masterbatch for plastics

Filler Surface Treatment

There are 2 main solutions for filler’s surface treatment. Their functions and purposes are different. One is related to chemical bonding and one is not.  Chemical bonding treatments are used when manufacturers want to enhance the adhesion between fillers and polymers,  to improve mechanical properties but impact strength. In contrast, non-bonding treatments enhance the ease […]

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filler masterbatch and its applications

Classifications of Filler Masterbatch

Traditionally, most fillers were considered as a child category of additives because they affect nothing or even decrease the strength of the polymer. Their main usage purpose is reducing the cost of input materials by replacing expensive polymers. Besides, they probably fasten molding cycles. Other plastic properties could be changed, depending on which type of […]

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Calcium carbonate filler is the most popular used for PP plastics

Calcium carbonate filler provides not only a decrease in the material cost but also modifies some physical properties. It is used as an additive in plastic and helps reduce surface resistance, opacity, and surface gloss. Polypropylene for Plastics Polypropylene is a homogeneous material with similar corrosion resistance and does not require any additional treatment from […]

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filler masterbatch and its applications

The effects of masterbatch recipes on plastic products

Most modern plastic products are made by injection molding. In certain cases, the appearance of the product is extremely important and can be highly affected by the coloring of the neat polymer. Since 90% of injection molding companies use solid-phase masterbatches to color their products, it is very interesting to know how they affect the […]

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filler masterbatch of eup

Using nonwovens in packaging is great for your business

Main types and uses of nonwovens in packaging The nonwoven packaging sector has been thriving since single use packaging was accused of a driver behind environment pollution. Nonwoven packaging is changing people’s habits towards environment-friendly products.  Before that, it has been somehow neglected, not counted as a part of nonwoven applications.  For two decades, nonwovens […]

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