compound caco3 of eup

Compound CaCO3 – the best taical solution for plastic industry in Vietnam

Compound CaCO3 is the main component of limestone powder – a common mineral resource. With abundant reverses in Vietnam, compound CaCO3 collected from the limestone powder exploitation has opened myriad of chance for the plastic industry in Vietnam. Compound CaCO3 (taical) is an effective solution in the context of competition among enterprises Taical, also known […]

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plastic masterbatch in 3D printing

How is masterbatch plastic applied in 3D printing – A great technology in industry?

Masterbatch plastic is an obvious material in plastic industry nowadays. Masterbatch plastic has contributed in the development of human society by being the source for generating various products serving for both daily life and the industries. That’s the main reason for scientists to constantly pay efforts in studying how to improve this material and apply […]

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calcium carbonate filler

How does calcium carbonate filler benefit to the plastic industry?

Calcium carbonate filler is one of the most innovative solutions ever developed in this industry. Calcium carbonate filler not only functions in improving the quality of final plastic products but also helps plastic manufacturer reduce as much production cost as possible, hence gain more profits. Let us provide you a deep insight on this special […]

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filler masterbatch and base resin

From plastic to filler masterbatch: What is the difference and how was it produced?

Filler masterbatch is the main product of EuP. Filler masterbatch is also a vital component in various industries requiring the association of plastic. Plastic, ever since its invention, has become a vital material in the economic and societal development of almost every country in various regions worldwide. Nowadays, myriad of features in daily life of […]

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masterbatch injection molding

After mixed with masterbatch, how was plastic processed with injection molding?

Masterbatch, including additives and color concentrates for plastics, is mixed with base resin materials: it is a plastic mixture that needs to undergo injection molding to produce plastic products according to molds. Today, injection molding technology is commonly used in plastic and masterbatch industries, aiming to produce finished products in precise shapes as requested that […]

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hạt nhựa filler masterbatch trong sản xuất bao bì

Why did filler masterbatch become the best solution in plastic packaging production?

Filler masterbatch – One of the most interesting materials Beside the traditional materials such as metal (iron, steel, copper, etc.), glass and wood, filler masterbatch and plastic in general, are widely applied in daily life with an affordable price when it comes to consumers. Filler masterbatch is used in many industries such as plastic pipes, electronic […]

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thư mời triển lãm hạt nhựa masterbatch chinaplas 2019

5 types of masterbatch & plastic compound will be showcased by EuP at ChinaPlas 2019

Masterbatch, with a wide variety of types and colors, is the main commodity of European Plastics – EuP during the past few years. We always take the advantages of every opportunity to bring EuroPlas plastic masterbatch to consumers as well as plastic manufacturers worldwide. ChinaPlas 2019 Trade Fair – Annual exhibition of plastic masterbatch for […]

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europlas master batch


The short answer is yes. It is, and it will remain a noteworthy term in the market of plastic application for decade later. According to the newest report from Business Wire, the masterbatch market has reached $16 billion dollar in the year 2016, almost double the size of the silicone market (GVR, 2017). Plastic packaging […]

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PE, PP, LDPE, HDPE, PEG – What exactly plastic masterbatch is made out of?

The general view of plastic masterbatch Plastic masterbatch could be seen as polymers masterbatch. Polymers can be made from many different kinds of ‘mers’ which stands for chemical units. Most chemical units are sourced from oil or other hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are just as they appear, made of hydrogen and carbon. So, plastics are made of […]

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Photos of filler forte HIPS pitch pellets made utilizing an inadequately composing process

Carbon Specks in a Plastic Film Product

Carbon bits can be created in the extruder directs and in downstream exchange lines and bites the dust if stale locales are available. All in all, these locales are not vast like those in Figure 11. Rather, they are thin covers that happen at the flight radii or at passage and ways out of blending […]

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