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BiO Filler (BiOMates)

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Bio filler – What is it?

As customers worldwide have switched to the green consumption lifestyle, biodegradable products have now become more and more appealing to plastic manufacturers. That inspires us to create BiOMates – a bio filler masterbatch brand. EuroPlas BiOMates is made of Calcium Carbonate powder (CaCO3) and bioplastic resins (PLA, PBS, PBAT, TPS), which are composed of 100% organic ingredients including plants (corn, tapioca,…) and water. 

Bio filler masterbatch

Thus, BiOMates is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Under specific processing conditions, plastic products made of BiOMates can be decomposed for several months. This figure is over 1 year for the natural environment. BiOMates has been certified “OK compost” by VINCOTTE.

Bio filler – Benefits


Thanks to the use of bioplastic as the main component, bio filler helps end-products easily biodegradable. After being thrown away, products made of BiOMates can be completely decomposed into C, CO2, H2O,… in a short time, thus minimizing harmful environmental effects.

Great mechanical properties

Unlike most bio materials which easily go soggy or disintegrated when being used in liquids, BiOMates is extremely long-lasting in highly-moisturized environments. This advantage lies in our secret formula, which not only improves bioplastic (PBAT, PLA, PBS, TPS) mechanical properties, but also improves its performance in end-products. 

BiOMates provide customers with various benefits

Processing aid

BiOMates also acts as an effective anti-block and slipping agent in blown film to prevent the adhesion of film layers, thus streamlining the manufacturing process. 

Bio filler – Applications

With outstanding properties, EuroPlas BiOMates is widely used in many applications, especially in biodegradable products manufacturing. 

Blown film Biodegradable films (garbage bags, mulching film, food wrapping film, roll film, T-shirt bags,…)
Injection moulding Single-use products: cutleries (knives, plates, folks, spoons, glass,…), food containers,…
Extrusion Straws,…
Blow moulding Bottles,…

Bio filler – Specifications

EuroPlas Bio Filler is available in the following specifications:

  • Melt mass flow rate: 5.5 g/10mins
  • Melt temperature: 110 Degree Celsius
  • Bulk density: 1.22 g/cm3
  • Moisture: <0.15 wt %
  • Carrier resin: Bioplastic
  • Usage rate: 5 – 30%
  • Appearance (surface color): White
  • Storage: Dry and cool condition is recommended.


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