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Brown Masterbatch

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What kind of Brown Masterbatch do we deliver?

At EuP, our Brown Masterbatch is the concentrated mixture of high-quality brown pigment, the polymer carrier, and other additives. The Brown Masterbatch is widely applied in plastic industry for coloring polymer, lower costs and good dispersion; with the suitability for injection and extrusion molding processes involving end products like PE, PP, Blowing Film and others. The brown masterbatches play as one of the most primary colors that are used in red pigment, iron red, the yellow pigment, iron yellow and various material in different proportions as per the color tone/intensity required by the customers. In addition, superior concentration mixture of additives or pigments makes the perfect selections of coloring raw polymers economically. Hence, even though brown masterbatch is not your finished products’ color, the blending could produce the most vivid color customized your inquiries.

It improves the features of end plastics such as durability against bad weather conditions, heat resistance and friendly with environment. We have a wide range of Brown Masterbatches designed to meet performance and polymer requirements.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details 25 KGS/ PP woven bag
Delivery Time within 2 weeks after receiving payment or L/C

Applications of Brown Masterbatch

EuP Brown Masterbatch is commonly applied in injection molding, film extrusion, blow film, blow molding and various plastic processes. We achieve extremely high color loading with superior dispersion for optimum performance at effective usages level and producing costs.

The rate of use: between 2% – 5% which is comparative with PE / PP / PS / AS / ABS carrier resin. Our brown masterbatches are used in polyolefin polymers, including low-density, high-density and linear low-density polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).

In the case, you want any other plastic raw materials or custom concentrates that incorporate multiple color and special properties, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always willing to help.


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